Yorkshire Points Series – Final pre-season instructions

With the new season almost upon us, let’s run through a few bits of housework.

1. The full season calendar is here – 2013-14 Calendar

2.  Registration for Yorkshire Points events. We’re introducing chip/transponder timing for all nine rounds of this season’s Yorkshire Points Series events. This is for all the adult categories and Youths. This costs £2 per rider per event, unless you pre-registered (closed noon 30 August 2013).

3. Signing-on at Yorkshire Points events. With timing chips to be handed out to all riders, the signing-on process at these events will be slightly more complicated, so please allow plenty of time to get through the process.

4. Signing on will involve identifying whether you have pre registered for the series or not. If you have, you will sign-on on a different sheet, pay only the entry fee and receive a number and a chip. You will keep your number throughout the series (i.e. don’t hand it back to us) but please do hand back your timing chip.

5. If you have not pre-registered, you will sign-on and be allocated both a race number and a timing chip. Both need to be returned at the end of the event.

6. Under-12 sign on will be at a separate desk throughout and riders in this category can sign on any time before their events – wherever possible, we will run separate Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12 races.

7. Timing chips are to be worn around the ankle – they won’t work if fastened anywhere else.

8. We will be collecting chips at the end of races, but it is your responsibility to return the chip post-race. We’ll provide a mailing address for those who have not returned their chips – you have until the following Saturday to mail back the chip. In the event of a timing chip not being returned or being lost, you will be asked to pay £15 for replacement.

9. Schedule at Yorkshire Points Events

10.30 Youth Race
11.30 Under-12, Under-10, Under-8 Races
12.30 Vets & Women Race
14.00 Senior & Junior Race

10. Entry Fees at Yorkshire Points Series events

Under-12 – £1.00
Youth – £7.00 (includes chip registration surcharge of £2.00)
Junior – £10.00 (if you have pre-registered), £12.00 if you register on the day (includes chip registration surcharge of £2.00)
Under-23, Senior, Veteran, Women –  – £12.00 (if you have pre-registered), £14.00 if you register on the day (includes chip registration surcharge of £2.00)

So, in summary, apart from a little extra admin, and the collection of your timing chip, things will be pretty much as normal, except that results will be available straight after the event.

Link: 2013-14 Calendar & Registration for Yorkshire Points Events

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