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Timing – it’s worth making the point that no system is going to be 100% accurate. We’re now using chip timing and it has its weaknesses just as paper timing had. However, what it does do is remove many hours of transcribing and typing up of paper results, giving us more time to channel into sorting errors and working on other areas of improving our events.

As a rider, the key point is probably that you should check your result as soon as possible after an event. If you think there’s an error, we can probably find evidence of it in the timing data and correct it. It’s probably worth making a mental note at the end of a race who finished (i.e. crossed the line) immediately in front of and behind you and how many laps down on the leader you were. This gives us a great chance of correcting the error very quickly.

Finally, please send any requests for corrections to – we usually turn round changes in 24 hours max.

Bit of Background

In the belief that the more you know about how and why we do things the better, here’s a bit of background – With the numbers of riders we are now getting at YCCA events, the process of paper timing had reached its limits, despite having a number of volunteers who were real experts at delivering it. At several of the recent summer series events, the scorers were actually overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers – the over-14 race often had over 100 riders averaging 10 laps each inside 45 minutes. That’s 1000 plus laps to be recorded – that’s a rider passing the start line every 3 seconds or so, if they are evenly spread. Try having someone shout 1000 numbers randomly at you in a field for three quarters of an hour, with lots of background noise and maybe rain coming down, whilst you try to write them down and you’ll get the picture.

The chip timing is vulnerable in other ways, like riders forgetting to wear the chips or write down their chip number whilst signing on. Equally, the chips do sometimes fail to register, despite the double mat system. But, the percentage of errors is lower and the speed and savings in time seal the deal. Just be aware that, as a rider, you can help us by being careful about signing on, wearing your chip, being aware of who you finished with and finally by checking your results promptly and letting us know if there’s a problem.

Top Tips

1/ wear your chip round your ankle and put it on as soon as you get it

2/ check and double check you have the correct chip number against your name on the signing on sheet

3/ hand your chip and arm number in at the end of the race – we’ll have people there to help you on the finish line

4/ make a mental note of how many laps (if any) you were down on the winner – and who finished in front of and behind you

5/ check your results as soon as they are published

6 contact if you think there’s been an error – and include as much info as you can so we can locate you and correct any errors

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