Yorkshire Dominate Inter-Areas

Report from www.britishcycling.org.uk

Yorkshire dominated the Inter Area Team Championships at Prissick Base near Middlesbrough on Sunday, winning three of the four categories on a frosty and challenging day.

The White Rose county won the seniors, veterans and women’s categories. Only in the youth category were they beaten, with East Midlands winning there.

The host North East area were narrowly beaten in the senior category. They placed four riders in the top ten, but with their fourth counter – event organiser Keith Murray – having been declared as part of the North East B team, they were pipped to the senior title by Yorkshire by just five points.

Nick Barnes led Yorkshire home in third spot, while their other three counters in the seniors race were Dieter Droger, Rob Partridge and Jack Clarkson. First over the line was North East Under-23 Adam Martin, while Giles Drake took second spot for the North West.

Ian Taylor won the veterans’ race for Yorkshire A, and while National over-50 champ Steve Davies (South West) took second, there was no stopping Yorkshire who placed Chris Young, Chris Taylor and Andy Peace in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Rebecca Womersley took victory for Yorkshire in the women’s race, and she was followed home by Nikola Butler, Annie Simpson and Amira Mellor in a dominant performance from the Yorkshire women.

And there was also a Yorkshire winner in the youth race in Alfie Moses, although they were pipped to the team win by the East Midlands, for whom second-placed Joshua Waters was the best rider.

The day had started with a cold welcome to Middlesbrough – so much so that the frost-covered course had to be changed for the youth race to avoid dangerous stretches of tarmac which were replaced by grassed areas.

By the time the veterans’ race began the frost had mostly gone, although the hazard had been replaced by stones which caused many punctures.


Senior Team:

1 Yorkshire 22

2 North East A 27

3 North West A 47

4 North East B 54

5 West Midlands 81

6 North East C 120

7 North West B 120

Veterans Team:

1 Yorkshire A 8

2 North East A 31

3 Yorkshire B 33

4 North West A 37

5 North East B 47

6 North East C 59

7 South West 61

8 West Midlands 62

9 North West B Dnq

Women Team:

1 Yorkshire A 6

2 North East A 26

3 North West 28

4 East Midlands 38

5 Yorkshire B 39

6 North East B 69

7 West Midlands Dnq

Youth Team:

1 East Midlands A 13

2 Yorkshire A 16

3 West Midlands A 25

4 North West A 36

5 North East A 45

6 North West C 63

7 East Midlands C 64

8 Central 74

9 West Midlands C 88

10 Yorkshire C 100

11 North East C 106

12 North West B (Girls) 134

13 East Midlands B (Girls) 141

14 Yorkshire B (Girls) 155

15 West Midlands B (Girls) 164

16 North East B (Girls) 170


1 Adam Martin North East A 1:01:42

2 Giles Drake North West A @ 21sec

3 Nick Barnes Yorkshire A @ 48sec

4 Tony Fawcett North East A @ 52sec

5 Dieter Droger Yorkshire A @ 57sec

6 Rob Partridge Yorkshire A @ 1:34

7 Stuart Wearmouth North East A @ 1:52

8 Jack Clarkson Yorkshire A @ 2:40

9 Jack Humphreys North West A @ 3:03

10 Keith Murray North East B @ 3:18

11 Danny Fox West Midlands A

12 Carl Donaldson North East B

13 Joe Atkins West Midlands A

14 Dean Penfold North East B

15 James Alder North East A

16 Martin Woffindin North West A

17 Alan Nixon North East A

18 Matt Worton North East B

19 Colin Ash North East A

20 Matt Lawton North West A

21 Chris Barnes Yorkshire A

22 Simon Forster North East B

23 Oliver Payton North West B

24 James Edmond North East B

25 Rob Watson Yorkshire A

26 Elliott Davidson North East C

27 Anthony Neave West Midlands A

28 Tom Figgins North West B

29 James Fawcett North East C

30 Tym Burman West Midlands A

31 Matt Webb North East C

32 Scott Wilson North West A

33 Robert Armstrong North West B

34 Joe Mann North East C

35 Ronnie Batey North East C

36 Ryan Ashcroft North West B

37 Henry Aarvold North East C

38 Kevin Payton West Midlands A


1 Ian Taylor Yorkshire A 42:10

2 Steve Davies South West A @ 46sec

3 Chris Young Yorkshire A @ 47sec

4 Chris Taylor Yorkshire A @ 1:14

5 Andy Peace Yorkshire A @ 1:35

6 Adrian Lawrence North West A

7 James Anderson North East A

8 Dave Hopper North East B

9 Richard Noble North East A

10 John Hick Yorkshire B

11 Mike Young Yorkshire B

12 Steve Bottomley Yorkshire B

13 Andrew Thomson North West A

14 Steve Smales North East C

15 Brian Johnson North East A

16 Matt Denby Yorkshire B

17 Barry Kipling North East B

18 Tony Sowden North West A

19 Andy Webb West Midlands A

20 Kevin Payton West Midlands A

21 Andy Moss North East C

22 Ray Honour North East B

23 Nick Popham West Midlands A

24 Bill Kay North East C

25 Mick Aspey North East B

26 Andy Cosgrove North East C

27 Richard Atkinson North East A

28 Simon Dighton West Midlands A

29 David Hamilton South West A

30 Lester Young South West A


1 Rebecca Womersley Yorkshire A 40:02

2 Nikola Butler Yorkshire A @ same time

3 Annabel Simpson Yorkshire A @ 1:04

4 Amira Mellor Yorkshire A @ 1:43

5 Sarah Murrray North East A @ 1:48

6 Sian Botteley East Midlands A @ 2:35

7 Juliet Horrocks North West A

8 Bev Blakeman North East A

9 Nicola Davies North West A

10 Marie Jackson Yorkshire B

11 Jennifer McAndrew East Midlands A

12 Joanna Smith North West A

13 Michelle Caisley North East A

14 Lynn Bland Yorkshire B

15 Rachel Mellor Yorkshire B

16 Rebecca Preece North West A

17 Jayne Cheslin West Midlands A

18 Karen Robertson North East A

19 Hannah Saville Yorkshire B

20 Jessica Conner West Midlands A

21 Caroline Mansfield East Midlands A

22 Megan Hopper North East B

23 Louise Hamilton North East B

24 Pam Glover North East B

25 Jackie Brady North East B


1 Alfie Moses Yorkshire A

2 Joshua Waters East Midlands A

3 Rob Scott Yorkshire A

4 Adam Hartley North West A

5 Tim James East Midlands A

6 Kieran Howarth East Midlands A

7 Jake Stewart West Midlands A

8 Cameron Biddle West Mdlands A

9 Tim Jones North West C

10 Ewan Grivell-Mellor West Midlands A

11 Thomas Mein North East A

12 Harry Hardcastle Yorkshire A

13 Oliver Peckover East Midlands A

14 Joe Howard North East A

15 Alistair Leivers North West A

16 Buauna Ball Central A

17 Bailey Payne North West A

18 Keir Lewis West Midlands C

19 Calum Fernie East Midlands C

20 Nick Hamilton North East A

21 Scott Hookway East Midlands C

22 Joseph Peatfield North West A

23 Anthony Anderson Central A

24 Matt Ellis East Midlands C

25 Lewis Hartley North West C

26 Miles Worner North East C

27 Ben Turner Yorkshire C

28 Jenson Young Yorkshire C

29 Tyla Loftus North West C

30 Fin Robertson North East A

31 Toby Barnes West Midlands C

32 Oliver Dighton West Midlands A

33 Euan Cameron Yorkshire A

34 Lucy Horrocks (G) North West B

35 Conall Brown Central A

36 Corey Edmundson North West C

37 Bailey Wilmot East Midlands C

38 Feargus Scherczer North East C

39 Jacob Knight West Midlands C

40 Harvey Rollason West Midlands NC

41 Maddie Gammons(G) East Midlands B

42 Daniel Hadnum North East C

43 Ellie Russell (G) West Midlands B

44 Harrison Knight West Midlands C

45 Jacob Feetham Yorkshire C

46 Matty Taylor Yorkshire C

47 Isabel Boon (G) East Midlands B

48 Grace Feetham (G) Yorkshire B

49 Kim Baptista (G) North West B

50 Sophie Thackray (G) Yorkshire B

51 Corinne Side (G) North West B

52 Rhianna Stoves (G) North East B

53 Elena Smith (G) East Midlands B

54 Xan Crees (G) East Midlands B

55 Joshua Craven North East C

56 Anna Kay (G) North East B

57 Anna Docherty (G) Yorkshire B

58 Nicole Clarke (G) North West B

59 Lucy Whearty (G) Yorkshire B

60 Lucy Nelson (G) West Midlands B

61 Chloe Ralph (G) West Midlands B

62 Olivia Fawcett (G) North East B

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