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Quick update on the signing on process at summer events.

We’ve all been scratching our heads, trying to work out how to simplify the sign-on process at our summer events. This series has always intended to be a quick and simple format providing a fun racing environment that’s not too complicated or pressured.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to stop using bib/shoulder numbers for the remainder of the series in both Under-14 and Over-14 races. With chip timing now established, the bib/shoulder number is really only for rider recognition for commissaires and line judges.

So, we’re going to simplify the process. At sign-on, all you have to do is pop your signature and your chip number on the sheet. It should make sign on a lot less of a drag.

However, we’ll be retaining bib numbers for the winter series, as they aid recognition for podiums and commentary and, at winter events, the sign-on is a lot less pressured, spread as it is over several hours.

In the meantime, please bring your numbers to the next event you ride – we’ll be collecting them in at sign-on for future use.

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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