Yorkshire Points Series Rider Info: 2014-15 Season

Event Calendar 2014-15

Welcome to the 2014-15 Cyclo-Cross season in Yorkshire. Below are a number of key pieces of information, mainly relating to the Yorkshire Points Series. However, many of the points covered are also relevant to the majority of other Cyclo-Cross races held in the region during the season – we have marked these “general” points with an *

Key items to look out for below include the introduction of “permanent” race numbers for riders in Youth & main Adult categories. They cost £1 and you will retain them between race and use them at all Yorkshire winter and summer events for the foreseeable future. Pick up your number at sign-on at your first race of the season (there’s no pre-registration this season). Also, note the introduction of a “Novice” race at all our series events – please spread the word about them. We’d like to remind you of the need for Adult riders (excluding novice race competitors) to have a current British Cycling membership (or pay a £3 levy on the day).

With the introduction of chip timing and gridding alongside a lot of hard work with organisers on course design, we aim to provide you with the best possible events to ride in. We also have “professional” First Aid on hand at all our events to keep you safe in the event of an accident.

Have a great season!

Event Timings

These are the standard event timings for all nine rounds of the Yorkshire Points Series. Please note the signing on schedule, one race at a time.

Race 1
10:30 Youth (Category B) 30 mins £7.00
10:32 Novice Go-Cross 30 mins £7.00

Races 2, 3 & 4
11:15 Under-8 10mins £2.00
11:30 Under-10 15 mins £2.00
12:00 Under-12  15 mins £2.00
12.30 – Prize presentation for all Youth and Under-12 Categories

Race 5
12:45 Junior Men, Senior Men, Veteran-40 Men (Category B) 01 hr £14.00 (Junior £12)
Prize presentation straight after race

Race 6
14:00 Junior, Senior & Veteran Women, Veteran 50 plus Men (Category B) 40 mins £14.00 (Junior £12)
Prize presentation straight after race

Sign-on Schedule

09.30 – 10.30 Youths & Novice
Separate desk – All Under-12 Categories 09.30 – 11.15
10.30 – 12.45 Junior Men, Senior Men, Veteran-40 Men
12.45 – 14.00 Junior, Senior & Veteran Women, Veteran 50 plus Men

British Cycling Membership*

All adult competitors in the main races (i.e. excluding Youth and Under-12 categories, and “Novice” race competitors) are required to have a current British Cycling membership (Gold, Silver & Bronze “Race” membership packages start at £20 and all include a “provisional” licence, which allows to to race any of our regional events). Alternatively, you can pay an on-the-day surcharge of £3 (a day licence) per event.  You will be required to show your membership card at signing on and there will also be space on the signing on sheet to quote your membership number. This will be forwarded to British Cycling along with the results enabling you to receive your ranking points etc. Your results will also be logged against your membership account on the British Cycling website.

Age Categories*

Under-8 Born 2007 or later
Under-10 Born 2005 & 2006
Under 12 Born 2003 & 2004
Youth Under-14 Born 2001 & 2002
Youth Under-16 Born 1999 & 2000
Junior Born 1997 & 1998
Senior Born 1975 – 1996
Vet-40 Born 1965 – 1974
Vet-50 Born 1955 – 1964


With six races to fit into a four and a half hour period, practice on the course will be strictly limited. However, we will aim to have all courses ready for inspection and riding by 9.30am, giving everyone an hour of practice. Once racing has begun, please respect the riders who are racing and don’t practice on the course during their races. By all means feel free to inspect and ride on available parts of the main course during the under-12/10/8 racing, but obviously keep well clear of the sections of the course being used by the races. There should be a small window of practice time ahead of the 12.45 Vet-40/Senior race, but be aware that timings may slip and only ride on the course if there is no longer any racing taking place on it.

Race Timing*

All races will be chip timed – please remember to collect your timing chip at sing-on and fasten it to either ankle. You will need to record the number of your chip against your name when signing on. Chips will be collected at the end of your race. Alternatively return them to the sign on desk. If you take you chip home, either bring it back next week or mail it to 7 Jackdaw Quarry, Carnforth, Lancs LA6 1AD. We plan to video race finishes to enable us to settle any photo finishes.


Results will generally be posted later on the evening of the event. Result Queries – please send any result queries to ycca@hotmail.co.uk – please add as much info as possible.

Rider Numbers*

We are issuing all riders (except Under-12 categories & novices) with permanent rider identification numbers. These are to be worn on the left shoulder, as usual. However, they are YOURS TO KEEP for the foreseeable future and will be used in both winter and summer YCCA events. These numbers will be handed out along with your timing chip at sign-on. Please bring them with you every time you race. We will be charging £1 for each number. Replacement numbers will also be charged at £1. As with chips, when you first collect your number, please record it against your name on the signing on sheet. Subsequent signing on sheets will have your number pre-filled-in. These numbers will be used by the commissaires and line judges to identify you. They will also provide a reference for the race commentator.


We will be gridding all races except the Under-12 categories and Novices. Grids will be based on a front row of 20 riders and a second row of 20 riders. Additional riders will then be invited to line up behind these rows. Gridding for round 1 will be based on rider performances in recent winter and summer YCCA series. Subsequent gridding will factor in performances in the current series. The aim of gridding is primarily safety.

Course Design*

We are working closely with race organisers to avoid bottle-necks on courses, enabling all riders to make progress on merit throughout the entire race. As a rough guideline, courses should have 3 metres of rideable width round the entire length. Bottlenecks often don’t inconvenience the leaders, but they do hamper mid-field riders and also make lapping and passing more hazardous. With the large field sizes we are now experiencing, course design is having to change to accommodate them.

Series Standings

These will be awarded to all finishers in the top 100 (100 points for winner, 99 for runner up etc) in each “category” as follows – each main category will have its own league table:

Youth Boys
Youth Girls

Senior Men
Veteran-40 Men

Senior Women
Veteran-50 Plus Men

The series will be decided by a rider’s top seven best scores from nine rounds. Ties will be decided by the better performance in the final round.

Novice Races

We have introduced a new “Novice” race to start 2 mins after the Youths and to share the same course with the Youths. This race is chip timed and open to all Youth and Adult categories. The race will not have any prizes or prize presentation, though we will be posting results on this website along with other races. The aim on the “novice” race is to give newcomers to the sport an opportunity to try racing. Riders will be welcome to ride as many “novice” events as they like, but the ultimate aim is for riders to progress to the main races.

First Aid*

We’ll have first aid on site at all events this winter – easily identifiable in their marked vehicle, positioned close to the race start area. Please make a note of their position.

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