Yorkshire Points – Prizes

Organiser James Dyson has been in contact with a list of outstanding prize winners from last weekend’s event at Tong – i.e. prizes not yet claimed or not handed out on the day (it’s impossible to get all the prizes sorted on the day). James will be at the next two Yorkshire events at Northallerton and Oakbank and will have the prizes with him.

Riders who have already received prizes but are on this list should note that this is because additional prize money is owed to them, so they too should contact James at the above events.

Sen / Jun:
Jack Clarkson, Nick Barnes, Rob Thackray, Rob Watson, Nathan Wilson, Gareth Whitfall, Ryan Manders, Alfie Moses, George Fox

Vet 40:
Ian Taylor, Chris Young, Chris Taylor, Mike Young, Dan Cook, Chris Clark, Tim Kershaw, Graham Bird, Noel Clough, Rick Crabtree, Lee Brown, Mike Burdon, Stephen Bottomley, Richard Binks, Adrian Hill

Vet 50/60:
Steve Barnes, Justin Morgan, Brian Perks

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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