Yorkshire Inter-Area Teams

All riders or parents – please confirm they can race by Saturday 25th  to Seth Smith on 07976 298820 0r seth@oldfieldgroup.co.uk

X3 from a Team of x4 count & the licences of the riders listed must be in the Yorkshire postal code to be eligible to ride for Yorkshire.

Senior/Junior Men Teams 1/2/3..

·         Team 1  Jack Clarkeson,Nick Barnes,Billy Harding, Alfie Moses.

·         Team 2  Dieter Droger, Ben Cooper, Simon Maudsley, Chris Barnes.

·         Team 3 Robert Thackray, Tom Seaman, Ryan Manders, Rob Scott.

·         Reserves, Ben Hallworth, Tom Ramsey, Robert Watson, Nathan Wilson.

Veteran Men Teams 1/2/3.

Team 1 Ian Taylor,Andy Peace,Noel Clough,Dan Cook.
Team 2 Jamie Sharp, Chris Young, Chris Taylor, Mike Young.
Team 3 Tim Kershaw, Richard Binks, Steve Barnes, Wayne Nicholson.
Reserves, Stephen Bottomley, Chris Clarke, Stefan Maina, John Hick.

Youth Boys Teams 1/2/3.

Team 1 Ben Turner, Harry Hardcastle, Euan Cameron, Jenson Young.
Team 2 Matt Taylor, Mason Hollyman, Jordan Reed, Harry Cooper.
Team 3 Eddie Townend,Fin Cooper, Sam Moses, Simeon Young
Reserves,  Cavan Walker, Mason Mirzaali

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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