Wentworth Castle/Cystic Fibrosis Cross Updates

This update just in from Ivan Boyes, the organiser for this weekend’s Team Cystic Fibrosis Cross (Sunday 9 Nov).

First up, some directions to the venue. Please do not park in the Northern College Car Park, follow the brown signs & you can’t go wrong. There is ample parking in the main car park and it is free, the token system is not currently in use.

Signing on will be in front of the visitors centre which is a short walk from the car park.

Please use the toilets at Northern College not the ones in the Cafe.

DO NOT under any circumstances ride bikes in the deer park, doing so could result in the event being cancelled. The course does not use any of the deer park and will be obvious as you drive into the grounds.

Dogs must be kept on a lead and please pick up after them.

Please make sure your children are supervised at all times, Wentworth Castle Gardens is an English Heritage site and not an adventure playground.

Basically, all good common sense and respect for the venue.

Finally, don’t forget there’s a Novice race at 10.32, which was only recently added to the day’s schedule.

See you there Sunday:

9 Nov 14 Team Cystic Fibrosis Charity Cyclo-Cross
Wentworth Castle Gardens, Lowe Lane, Stainborough, Barnsley S75 3EN
10:30 Youth Non-Ranking £7.00
10:32 Novice – 30 mins £7.00
11:30 Under-12 Go-Cross £2.00
13:00 Senior/Junior/Veteran/Women Non-Ranking £12.00

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