Message from Seth Smith

This just in from Seth Smith, who does an amazing amount of work within Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross, much of it to the detriment of his own cycling. It’s also a reminder that everyone helping to run the YCCA series and associated Yorkshire clubs and teams is actually a volunteer. Volunteers are the life-blood of a sport like cycling and they need to be looked after!

From Seth Smith –


Going forwards after this weekend (Milton Keynes) I want to make plain my commitments in races as there is an understanding I am there for everyone & this is just is not the case (apart from a Yorkshire Team events).

My x4 Team Riders from now on will be getting 100% to (that means taking the bike off them in the pit lane & taking it myself to the wash) as stood at a jet wash all day processing bikes is not what I intended doing when investing over a £1000.00 of my own money into trying to creating a professional & reliable pit environment for a group of talented individuals committed to the sport of Cyclo Cross & not using it as a winter stop gap.

Riders I have commitments to are

·         V40 Ian Taylor.

·         U16, Ben Turner, Sophie Thackray.

·         Elite Women, Amira Mellor.

·         Junior Men, Alfie Moses.

All riders asking for help on the day of a race in future will be refused. So if you are in any doubt, please phone or email me 07976 298820 so I can be given the chance to make a decision rather than be forced into something that waters down the support I can give to others & makes my day harder & less enjoyable than I want it to be.  Remember I fill  & empty the van & drive alone around the country so tiredness & fatigue is an issue when being worked from 7-4 without a break for people who on certain days are direct competition to the Team I have chosen to help.

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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