Gridding For Tonight’s Race

We are trying a new system for gridding for future races based on the system they use in the Lincoln league. At sign on there will be a list of the gridded riders. When you have signed you need to highlight your name on the gridding sheet if it is there , the Commissaire will then grid the highlighted riders, if you aren’t highlighted you won’t be called to be gridded.

Gridding for the first race has been based on Average results from the winter series for those riders who rode more than one race, however the merging of the categories hasn’t been easy but it is a best guess and covers the top 3 of all categories including U16’s. If you feel you should be on the list and aren’t you will need to show you are one of the top riders in the country ( BC rankings will do ) and I or the Commissaire will add you to the list. We are aiming to Grid the first 30 riders.

Future races will be based in the main on previous results ( not the series ranking) and other factors to ensure we have as safe a start as possible. Again visiting riders who consider they should be gridded need to contact Tim Evans on the day and they can be added at mine or the Commissaires discretion.

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