Winter Cross Registration

The new winter series is nearly upon us and we have turned out thoughts as to how to tackle sign on, especially the first couple of weeks, in the most efficient way. Having pre-prepared sign on sheets for the summer meant that sign on was much quicker and we intend to do the same this winter. However certain people will be changing age categories i.e. Under 12’s going into Under 14’s, Seniors into vets etc.In order to make the transition easier, we plan to have sign on sheets pre-filled in for the first event. We do need to know enough info to ensure you will be in the right category-Under 12’s and below will not be pre-prepared.

If you intend riding winter cross, please send an e-mail to with your name, club,M/F, BC licence no if you have one, emergency contact no (not yours), Age Category for Winter series and Date of Birth.

Without the info, we will not be able to prepare an entry for you on the signing on sheets and you will need to queue on the first night to fill in blank sheets.

Age Cats for 2015/16 Winter Series  as per BC published categories are:

Under 8 Born 2008 or later

Under 10 Born 2006 & 2007

Under 12 Born 2004 & 2005

Under 14 Born 2002 & 2003

Under 16 Born  2000 & 2001

Junior Born 1998 & 1999

Under 23 Born 1994 to 1997

Senior Born 1976 – 1997

Vet 40 Born 1966 to 1975

Vet 50 Born 1956 to 1965

Vet  60 Born  1946 to 1955

Vet 70 Born 1945 or earlier

Women Born 1976 to 1999

Vet Women Born 1975 or earlier

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