Ride Numbers should only be plain yellow numbers apart from the Under 8/10/12s.

Rider Numbers update:
We have run out of numbers and have arranged to buy some more. The only rider number valid for this year is a plain yellow one. If you have a number of any other colour – white, blue, pink or green, please return it at the next cross you race and we will replace it with a new yellow one.
This will avoid duplicate numbers causing confusion in the results.


An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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National Championships
The National Cyclo-Cross Championships come to Peel Park in Bradford 7-8 January 2017. We've launched a new website to help riders, spectators and sponsors alike including the all-important link to online entry. And following Shrewsbury's#dirtyweekend inspiration last January, we'll be using the helpful and informative hashtag #yorkshirelegover to help promote our event. The website is at http://www.cxchamps.co.uk
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