Round 6 Whitley Woods Gridding

Below are links to the gridding sheets for Sundays race.  If your name is on them and you wish to be gridded please can you highlight your name on the sheet that will be close to the signing on sheets.

11:45 Youth

12:45 Race Juniors, Seniors and V40

14:00 V45+ W

Also below is a link to the master gridding spreadsheet, you are gridded by the average of your results in the race with the following adjustments, those riders who have only completed one round and finished outside the top ten aren’t gridded and those riders whose worst result is over 15 places  less than their average result has this result discounted. This is on the assumption that this is due to an abnormal event and they chose to race on rather than give in , if they had given in their average would not have been affected.   I have to base these sheets on the results available at the time, if you look at your results and they seem wrong either a result is missing ,  there was a major error that was subsequently amended or your name is on twice can you either e-mail or message on facebook and I will look to amend.  I can’t fix it on Sunday morning.


Gridding Master

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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