National Trophy Peel Park Update

Just back from Peel park, it’s gonna be wet and muddy, A big, big debt of thanks to Phil & Nora who have been resident at the park every day this week doing all sorts of prep work, including raking away masses of leaves from the race lines.
Just to dispel any confusion about car parking, both the Cliffe road & Lister Lane gates will be used as access, they will be opened and manned from 8.00am, £2 per vehicle,and marshals will direct vehicles to the available spaces. Lister lane entrance will give slightly easier access to the pit area, while Cliffe
road is obviously closer to the changing rooms and signing on. The grass areas which we use for Parking is saturated so please heed the guys who are organising the parking, we don’t want to ruin the grass areas or see vehicles getting stuck.
Once the parking areas are full the gates will be closed, we are hoping to man the gates throughout the day, obviously to let people out, this depends on manpower etc, Any volunteers to help with this task would be appreciated.

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