York Gridding

Below are the gridding sheets for round 7 at York on Sunday.  Following feedback and discussions the order has been tweaked to recognise those riders who can complete at least 7 races.

The order is still based on your average results less your worst result, if it is really bad. However for those riders who have not completed 5 races your average is reduced by 10, thus placing you further down the grid. In addition there are cut offs in place for these riders. Riders who have only completed 1 race will only be gridded if they finished in the top 10. Riders who have completed between 2 and 4 races  have to have finished in the top 30 for the 12:45 race  and  the top 50 for the 14:00 race , all youths who have done more than one race are gridded.   This has the effect of placing series contenders higher up the grid.

If you want to be gridded please highlight your name on the sheets that will be in the sign on cabin.

If you feel you should be gridded and aren’t please advise the Commissaire 30 minutes before your race at the latest, or comment on the gridding post on Facebook.


Seniors and Vets

Vet 45+ , Women


If you want to understand how this order is arrived at the Excel sheet I use is linked below. For each race the winner gets 200 points 199 for second etc and shown on the table, it may be that your result for a race is wrong, if it is let me know as I sometimes have to produce these tables before the results are finalised, there has also been some mix up over arm numbers and name spelling , again please advise and I can up date especially if you are on the list twice.

The Grid Master

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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