Signing On Update

Signing On Update.
On Sunday at Signing on there will be separate queues for those who have pre-registered and New Registration. However first you need to buy your number at a separate table then move on to Signing on. Please make sure you have the correct change for the event as it will work quicker.
See below for an alpha list of pre registered for each cat so you know which queue to go to. If your name is not in the list, you will need the New Registration Queue even if you have sent details in. Sometimes we have received emails in the wrong format and those may not be on the list.

Once you have raced your first Winter Series Cross, you will be on the Signing On Sheet for next time you race.

Pre-Registered Riders before 2nd September 2017
The only issue is we didn’t ask you all to split between V40 to 44 for the Senior Race and V45+ for the vet race. Please ensure you sign on the correct sheet (pre registered will be on both Sen and V sign on until your cat is clarified, and please put your split category on the sheet.
The age range is VET 45-49 MEN Born 1967-71
Vet 45 – 49 can only ride in the Senior Race if they are riding National Trophies, rather than a choice for your convenience. This is to keep numbers even across the races and to avoid the need to limit numbers.
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