Arm Number Update


Too many riders are forgetting their arm numbers and riding. The following will now apply to all YCCA events:

The First time you ride winter cross, you will be sold an arm number for a £1 to be used at all YCCA cross events including next Summer’s cross events. You must display your arm number in order to race. Riders not wearing their correct number may be refused permission to ride by the Commissaires.

Why is that? Your number identifies you in a race.

  • We can identify the podium winners quickly for announcing.
  •  If you are injured and unable to speak, we can access your emergency details from the signing on sheet.
  • The announcer can give you a name check
  • If the Commissaire needs to take any action, such as dangerous riding or swearing – he/she can identify you

If you lose or forget your arm number, you will have to wear a temporary number to ride. This will be the same number registered to you. A £5 deposit will be taken for the number and returned at the end of the race at signing on.

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