Summer Series Update and Winter Series Registration Info

Summer Cross and Winter Cross update:

The Summer Series has now finished with Wednesday’s event. If there are any queries, you need to submit them by email to as usual. We will then publish the standings and you will have a week from publication to query them.
Regarding results from previous rounds, if they weren’t corrected at the time, it is too late to correct them now. We will be using the confirmed results from each round to calculate positions so standing queries will be about duplication of names, or missing results from the confirmed results.

Winter Series 2017-18 Pre-Registration
If you want your details on the signing sheet for the first cross in September, please email with your information separated by commas and ***NO SPACES** (not even at the start!!) as follows:


Please do no email Fred or Mandy direct or use Facebook as we aren’t the ones preparing the sheets and you won’t go on them!
The pre-registration will open now and close on the 26th August 2017. If you don’t pre-register, you can still turn up and enter on the day but you are likely to face a long queue so come early. You can’t use your summer cross number which must be handed in. New numbers will be sold £1. All riders must ride events with their number on.
After the pre-registration date closes, there is no guarantee your details will go onto pre-printed sheets for the next event and you may have to fill in full details each week for the remaining events so it is worth pre-registering!

Valid from the 1st September 2017 to the 31st August 2018
For the purpose of sorting out category prizes, please ensure you put the EXACT AGE CATEGORY down on the signing on sheets. V for vet is not at all helpful neither is W for Woman. Please put V40 or WV50 etc.

U8 BORN 2010 or LATER
U10- BORN 2008- 2009
U12 – BORN 2006 – 2007
U14 BORN 2004 – 2005
U16 BORN 2002 – 2003
JUNIOR BORN 2000 – 2001 JUNIOR WOMEN BORN 2000-2001
U23 BORN 1996 – 1999
SENIOR BORN 1978 – 1995 SENIOR WOMEN- BORN 1978-1999
VET 40 to 44 BORN 1973-1977 VET40-49 WOMEN BORN 1968-1977
VET 45 TO 49 BORN 1968 TO 1972
VET 50 MEN BORN 1958 -1967 VET 50 WOMEN BORN 1958 -1967
V60 MEN Born 1948 – 1957 V60 WOMEN Born 1948 – 1957
V70 MEN Born 1947 or Earlier

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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