Under 12 Championships Update

Update to our YCCA Under 12 Championships to be held on Sunday.
Only Riders who live in the Yorkshire British Cycling Region will be entitled to the Medals, Trophies, Goody Bags and Prizes for the Yorkshire Under 12 Champs. If a rider from out of the area comes in the top 3, we will run a second podium after the Championship podium where the top 3 will receive the usual YCCA T Shirt badges that we use for all our other U12 races.
There will be a separate signing on sheet for riders out of the Yorkshire area so please don’t sign on the YCCA Pre-printed sheets even if you have raced our series events this year. This helps to avoid the confusion for awarding prizes etc.
Please check your postcode below to ensure you.sign on the correct sheet.
Please also ensure you sign on the correct sheet for your age category. Some Leagues operate in a different was but we split Under 8 for those born 2010 or later , Under 10 for those born 2008 and 2009 and Under 12 for those born 2006 and 2007. Riders are not allowed to ride in any other age category other than their correct one for their years of birth.
Should be a great event so come along and enjoy the day.

British Cycling Postcodes for Yorkshire:

An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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