Summer Cyclo Cross Pre Registration

It’s that time of year to think about riding Summer Cross!

If you are riding this Summer there are two ways to pre-register You must do so by the 16th April otherwise you will need to fill in your details on the day.

If you were on the Winter signing on sheets and there are no changes to your info – just email the following as comma separated with NO spaces to –


If there are any changes then send the following:

Arm,Firstname,Surname,M/F,DOB,Licence,emergency contact number,Club

If you haven’t ridden last winter then send the following info- again separated by commas and NO spaces. You will get a number the first time you come for a £1 registration fee:

Firstname,Surname,M/F,DOB,Licence,emergency contact number,Club



An association running summer and winter leagues in Yorkshire

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