2022-23 Championship – What’s at stake for the final round?

With just the final round of the 2022-23 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Championships to come (Peel Park, Bradford, 2nd January 2023), we’ve had a quick look at all the Championship categories and tried to work out what’s at stake. Some categories are already settled, whereas some hang in the balance. Remember, a rider’s best five scores count towards the championships, with an ties being settled by the better performance in the final round (or most recent round one or other of the tied riders has competed in). We’ve only had a quick check of the scores and this list only aims to set up interest for the final round (i.e. don’t accept it as gospel – do your own checks if in doubt). The final standings will be checked and double checked before we hand out the awards in February.

The current standings can be found here

This is how we think things stand after round 7 of 8:

Under 14 Girls

  • Clara McKee has secured 1st overall.
  • Lily Speak and Izabel Young are tied 2nd and are likely to finish 2nd and 3rd overall, though Poppy Spencer could podium overall if she wins at Peel Park and Lily and Izabel don’t improve their overall scores.

Under 14 Boys

  • George Hughes, Luke Trafford and Cormac Denwood can all finish 1st overall, depending on the result at Peel Park, but these three riders will form the top 3 overall whatever happens.

Under 16 Girls

  • Elena Green will come 1st overall if Lola Stevenson does not finish first at Peel Park; but if she does, Elena needs to finish 4th or better to secure 1st overall and Lola would finish 2nd overall.
  • Lottie Stevenson would take 3rd place overall if Eleina McFadden does not ride at Peel Park; but if she does either rider could finish 3rd overall depending on how both finish.

Under 16 Boys

  • Matthew Bell is currently leading the series, but he can be caught by Jamie Stewart if Jamie wins at Peel Park and Matthew 4th is or worse.
  • A further four riders are competing for 2nd and 3rd overall – Isaac Oliver, Magnus Denwood, Oliver Barker and Oscar Saxton can all mathematically podium, depending on the results at Peel Park of all six riders in the mix.

Junior Women

  • Amy Mourne has secured 1st overall.
  • The remaining podium places are up for grabs between Ellie Harrison, Amelia Walton, Florence Whiteley, Floella Phillips and Freya Whiteside, depending on how each finishes at Peel Park.

Junior Men

  • Rowan Baxter and Oscar Taylor have secured 1st and 2nd overall respectively.
  • Four riders are competing for 3rd place overall – Jack Parnaby, Alexander Robinson, Elliot Fraser and Joe Watkins-Wilson. However, Jack can secure 3rd place overall with a third placed finish at Peel Park – but a high placed finish would see Joe as his only competition, with Joe needing to finish 4 places higher than Jack to steal 3rd place overall.

Senior Women

  • Victoria Peel has secured 1st overall.
  • Libby Greatorex will finish 2nd overall unless Sophie Thackray finishes first at Peel Park, with Sophie taking 3rd overall if not.

Senior Men

  • Joe Barker will finish 1st overall unless Jenson Young finishes 10th or better at Peel Park, in which case even a win for Joe would see him take 2nd overall.
  • Other podium places could in theory be taken by Robin Godden, Matthew Lock, George Holland, Will Thompson or Lewis Ridley, depending on how they each finish or if they ride at Peel Park.

Vet40 Women

  • Alison Kinloch has secured 1st overall.
  • A win or second place at Peel Park would be needed by Julia Oldroyd to take 2nd place from Nikola Matthews, assuming Nikola finishes no better than 5th at Peel Park.
  • Lisa Green can also take 2nd overall, but this would require a win or second place at Peel Park with Nikola finishing no better than fifth or Julia taking first place.
  • All three therefore are in contention for 3rd place overall, depending on their and each other’s Peel Park finishing position.

Vet40 Men

  • James Sharp has secured 1st overall.
  • Richard Middleton, David Beachill, Nick Ashmore and Robert Thackray are all in contention for 2nd and 3rd place overall, depending on their finishing position or if they ride at Peel Park

Vet50 Women

  • Liz Rylott can only be beaten for 1st overall by Geri Gorton, but this would require Geri to win at Peel Park, or finish second and ahead of Liz.
  • Similarly, Geri can only be beaten for 2nd place overall by Rachel Lightfoot, but this would require Rachel to win at Peel Park, or finish second and ahead of Geri.
  • Rachel cannot be beaten for 3rd place overall, therefore will secure this placing at least.

Vet50 Men

  • The top 3 is already decided, with Paul Nutton securing 1st overall, Stefan Macina 2nd and Michael Burdon 3rd.

Vet60 Women

  • Anthony Matthews has secured 1st overall, and John Galway 2nd overall.
  • Stephen Walker, Timothy Beachill and Kevin Holmes are currently tied for 3rd place overall – with too many permutations to describe!