2022-23 Season Membership Requirements

To ride in Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Championship events during the 2022-23 season, you will have to enter via the British Cycling website’s calendar. There are no “offline” or on the day entries in any category.

British Cycling “Race” membership will save you £3 per ride if you compete in any of the adult categories. This is the price of a “day licence” and helps to cover our insurance etc.

All the Under-9, Under-12 and Youth (Under-16) categories are exempt from this need to purchase a “day licence”.

How Does It Work When I Enter An event?

1/ If you are a British Cycling “Race” member (with bronze, silver or gold membership) – simply log in to the British Cycling website and go through the entry process.

2/ If you are not a British Cycling “Race” member – you will have to sign up for an account on the British Cycling website. This process is totally free. You will get an account number and a password. You then use these to “log-in” to the website and you will go through the same event entry process as a member. However, if you are an adult (Junior Category or older), you will only be able to select the entry option for your race that includes your “day licence” fee.

What if I’m Entering My Children Into A Race?

Similarly, you will have to set up an free account for the website for yourself. You can then go to the event listing and enter your children in the appropriate races. They will be charged the same fee as British Cycling members and the children of members. There are no “day licence” fees for children in the Under-16/14/12/9 categories. Note, you can add multiple riders at once.