05-01-2020 Yorkshire Points 8 – Peel Park Supacross

Venue: Peel Park, Bradford

Organiser: Fred Rothwell

Prize Presentations: Prize presentations for all categories will take place shortly after your race has finished. If you think you are in a podium position within your category, please remain near the podium area until prizes are awarded. Any prizes not collected on the day will be put back into YCCA funds: we cannot hold and distribute prizes at a later date.

Parking: There are two car parks, each marked with a red “P” on the map below, with access roads in red. One is off Cliffe Road, postcode BD3 0LT (most convenient for sign-on and under-12 course), where you will park along the road to the sign on/café area. And one off Lister Lane postcode BD2 4LP (most convenient for pits). Both will have a parking fee of £2 per vehicle. Free road-side parking along Cliffe Lane is available.

Pits/Jet Wash: The pits area will be in the “usual” place, close to the monument (blue lines on map below). The one and only jet wash area (the blue box) will be fenced on tarmac, again in the usual place. Please note that no jet washing will be allowed anywhere else in the park – we could lose this historic venue if this reasonable request is not observed.

Sign-on, changing rooms, café: these are all located together, marked with the yellow dot on the map. The park café will be open all day and provides excellent coffee and cakes.

Courses: There are completely separate courses for the U12 competitors (pink on the map below, start marked with a pink “S”. And for the Youth and Adult Competitors,, purple on the map, with start marked with a purple “S”. This should allow for easier practice for all riders.


Under 8

Under 10

Under 12


Vet 50+/Women

Junior/Senior /Vet 40-49 Men

For result queries, please email chiptiming@hotmail.co.uk, for series queries, please email ycca@hotmail.co.uk. Please don’t use Facebook to query results, as they won’t be picked up. You have 48 hours to query results.