17-11-2019 Yorkshire Points 5 – Middleton VENUE CHANGE

Venue: Middleton Bike Hub, Ring Road, Beeston Park, Leeds, LS10 3TN

Organiser: Jeremy Hayes

Prize Presentations: Prize presentations for all categories will take place shortly after your race has finished. If you think you are in a podium position within your category, please remain near the podium area until prizes are awarded. Any prizes not collected on the day will be put back into YCCA funds: we cannot hold and distribute prizes at a later date.


Under 8

Under 10

Under 12


Vet 50+/Women/Novice

Junior/Senior /Vet 40-49 Men

For result queries, please email chiptiming@hotmail.co.uk, for series queries, please email ycca@hotmail.co.uk. Please don’t use Facebook to query results, as they won’t be picked up. You have 48 hours to query results.