Wed 06-06-2018 R4 Spen Valley High School, Liversedge


Spen Valley High School, Roberttown Lane, Liversedge, WF15 7LX


Andrew Jackson

As we approach and plan for round 4 of the summer series at Spen next Wednesday, some important info to impart…..there is an access restriction at the school grounds up until 5pm…please don’t turn up before 5pm.
Having said that, we will then pushed to put the course in place in the time available. Anyone who can help with this task will be very welcome, from 5pm onwards.
Plans are in place to mark out the course and have it complete for 6pm, and as already said any help will make this achievable.
Many thanks, Fred. & the KCA team.

Time Category Price
6.45pm Under 8 BORN 2010 or LATER £3
7.00pm Under 14 Race (Riders BORN 2004-2009) £3
7.30pm Under 16 (Riders Born 2002-2003)) £5
Junior (Riders Born 2000-2001 £7
Senior ,Vets ( Riders Born 1999 or earlier) £10
Day Licences apply to non BC Licence Holders


Under 8

Under 14

Over 14

If you have a query over your race result, please don’t use Facebook as chip timing aren’t on there. Just email your query to with a copy to within 48 hours of the results being posted. Chip timing have a copy of the signing on sheet with all rider details.

Remember If you didn’t write your chip number down or didn’t wear it, you won’t get a result.
If you have a query on the series standings, you need to first sort out your race result above then email as we can only amend standings from the official chiptiming result, again within 48 hours of the standings being posted.