KinesisUK Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Series 2016/17 Info


With the cancellation of Sheffield, you will only need 6 events to count out of 8.

Essential Information for our Winter Series with our new title sponsor Kinesis Uk who in addition to providing us with Gazebos, Flags and Pressure washers are also supplying five Kinesis frames for the winners of our series in the following categories: Junior, Senior, Vet 40-44, Vet 45+ and 1st Woman

Signing On:
Please note signing on will close for each race 15 minutes before each start. Get there in plenty of time to sign on.
Signing on for the U8,U10,U12 will open an hour before each race and for all other categories, an hour an a quarter so you have plenty of time. For the first couple of events, there will be a separate tent to buy your winter number for a £1 which must be done BEFORE you sign on! U8/10/12s do not buy a number.Just U14/ U16 and above.

If you haven’t pre-entered, don’t worry you can always sign on the day, please write neatly to avoid unusual variations of your name! Please make sure you read the top of the signing on sheet to make sure you are in the correct category. Years of Birth will be shown on the top to help you.
Please do NOT reuse your old number under any circumstances as you won’t get a result.

As before, Vet 45+ can only ride in the Senior Race if they are racing National Trophies, it is not for anyone else. This is to keep the numbers in each race even and avoid going down the route of maximum field sizes and first come first served on the day.

As before Podium Prizes will be awarded on the day and series prizes at the end of the season with 7 races to count.
Podium will be AS follows subject to riders being identified in time:
1st 3 U8,U10,U12 Boys and Girls.No series prizes just on the day. There are no money prizes this year but special awards for the top 3 in each race.
1st 3 U14, U16 Boys and Girls plus money prizes on the day on the ratio 1-5 in each sub category.
1st 3 over the Line in the Senior Race plus the leader in each of these categories if not in the 1st 3: Junior, Senior, Vet 40-44
1st 3 over the line in the Vet Men race plus the leader in each of these categories if not in the 1st 3 over the line:Vet 45-49 and Vet 50.
1st 3 Women over the line.

Kinesis UK Pressure Washers

Once we get to the stage where riders need pressure washers during races (For use for Youth Races and Above ONLY – No Under 12’s and younger), there will be Kinesis Uk pressure washers available to use for most events. This is NOT a Service Wash, as you will need to wash your own bikes, and more importantly NO WATER – NO WASH!!. You will be turned away.

The area will be set up prior to the races and the washers started. There will be an honesty bucket to go towards petrol and servicing and it will cost riders £1 to use it during the race. Please bring adequate water for your bikes, one small bottle ain’t going to cut it! We will try and provide a tub to use – Don’t let air get into the washer so make sure you stop before you run out of water. You will have to queue during busy times.We are looking into other options for the future.

We are looking into the possibility of lending these to use at National Trophies subject to certain conditions, please contact Mandy Parker 07917 860292 for more info.
Please respect these rules so we can run a successful event.
Please remember all those helping out at the events are volunteers including the commissaires.
Enjoy the Ride! #CrossisComing #WeAreCross #YCCAWinterCross2016


Valid from the 1st September 2016


U8 BORN 2009 or LATER

U10- BORN 2007- 2008

U12 – BORN 2005 – 2006

U14 BORN 2003 – 2004

U16 BORN 2001 – 2002

JUNIOR BORN 1999 – 2000

U23 BORN 1995 – 1998

SENIOR BORN 1977 – 1994

VET 40 to 49 BORN 1967-1976

VET 50 MEN BORN 1957 -1966

V60 MEN Born 1947 – 1956 :

V70 MEN Born 1946 or Earlier




VET40-49 WOMEN BORN 1967-1976

VET 50 WOMEN BORN 1957 -1966

V60 WOMEN Born 1947 – 1956 :

V70 WOMEN Born 1946 or Earlier