Norton Trophy Races

18 Nov Norton Trophy Races, Sheffield

1st Tom Seaman Wakefield JTC U16
2nd Jacob Feetham Wakefield JTC U14
3rd Harry Hardcastle U14
4th Daniel Gilpin Wakefield Tri U16
5th Hannah Saville Norton Wheelers U16/Girl
6th Ben Turner Doncaster Wheelers U14
7th Joe Williams HUW U16
8th Joe Parker East Bradfield CC U16
9th Harry Cooper KCA U14
10th Elizabeth Lloyd Wakefield Tri U16/Girl
11th Carter Bower Wakefield JTC U14
12th Callum Willstead N/A U14
13th Emma Hanson Wakefield Tri U14/Girl
Thomas Hardcasle 1 lap out
Thomas Longdon Man XMB 2 laps out

U8’s & U10
1st Marcus Hiley Pedalsport U10
2nd Alex Bailey HSW U10
3rd Tom Scott Sheffield Stars U10
4th Luca Longdon HSW U10
5th Dylan Boyes HSW U10
6th Chloe Hinchcliffe WTC U10/Girl
7th Jamie Moseley U10
8th Oliver Sibbard Sheffield Stars U8
9th Frances Hodgson Holme Valley Wheelers U10/Girl
10th Benjamin Hodgson Holme Valley Wheelers U8
11th Ellan Hampson HSW U10/Girl
12th Astrid Hiley Pedalsport U8/Girl
13th Mia Fitzpatrick Dark Peak U8/Girl
14th Eddie Fitzpatrick Dark Peak U8
15th Liesl Sawyer KPCC U8
16th Lucy Milson Calder U8/Girl
17th Beth Howarth Huddersfield Star Wheelers U8/Girl
18th Harry Scott Sheffield Stars U8
19th Kirsten Sawyer KPCC U8/Girl
20th Amy Scott Sheffield Stars U8/Girl
21st Kate Shaw Huddersfield Star Wheelers U8/Girl
22nd Victoria Hodgson Holme Valley Wheelers U8/Girl
23rd Harriet Claxton U8/Girl
24th Jamie Milsom Calder U8
25th Ellie Howarth Huddersfield Star Wheelers U8

1st Finn Cooper KCA
2nd Henry Hollyman KCA
3rd Morgan Mirzali BW
4th James Inces KCA
5th Tom Whitworth Huddersfield RC
6th Milo Duncan N/A
7th Amy Hinchcliffe WTC Girl
8th Adam Bailey HSW
9th Dylan Willetts N/A
10th Nathan Page EBCC
11th Emily Marsh N/A Girl
12th William Thackeray BO
13th Ellan Pattern N/A Girl
14th Ruby Boyes HSW Girl

1st Chris Metcalf Charge Bikes Sen
2nd James Thomson Hope Factory Pace Sen
3rd Tom Randall Rock Racing Sen
4th John Hick V40
5th Dan Cook Planet X V40
6th Robin Bradbury Aire Valley Racing Team V40
7th Mathew Downs Paul Milnes RT Sen
8th Rick Crabtree Pedalsport Sen
9th Phil Hinchcliffe Bradford RTC V40
10th Duncan Warner Airedale Olympic Sen
11th Andy Westall Pedalsport V40
12th Richard Allen Here Come the Belgiums V40
13th Alistair Dow Paul Milnes RT V50
14th Chris Ledger Zepnat V50
15th J Wash Wakefield V40
16th A Wainwright Bolsover District CC V40
17th Andy Whitworth Huddersfield RC V40
18th David Beechill Huddersfield RC V50
19th Richard Dobson Whiterose VC V40
20th Tom Saville Norton Wheelers Jun
21st Paul Milson Calder CC Sen
22nd P Turner Derby Merc RC V50
23rd Simon Pattern Unattached V40
24th Ivan Boyes Huddersfield Star Wheelers Sen
25th Diane Lee Zepnat Lady
26th Nick Cook Chisney Churners Sen
27th John Savage Clifton CC V40
28th Graham Walton Wilson Cycles V40
29th Graham Picarvey Huddersfield Star Wheelers V40
30th Kevin Holmes Unattached V50
31st Dick Ballantine Craven Energy V40
32nd Russel Berresford Norton Wheelers V40
33rd Rob Longdon Rutland CC V40
34th Giles Bailey HSW V40
35th Nigel hollyman HCA V40
36th Lynn Bland Norton Wheelers Lady Vet
37th Gavin Hodgson Harworth Sen
38th Mike Scott Sheffield Stars V50
39th Nick Waggett Here Come the Belgiums V40
40th David Shaw Huddersfield Star Wheelers Sen
41st P Jones Cross Trax V50
42nd Tom Howarth HSW Sen
43rd Gary Westley Norton Wheelers V50
44th Conor Palliser East Bradford CC Jun
45th Owen Henrikson Norton Wheelers V50
46th Karen Ballentine Craven Energy Lady Vet
47th Brandon Stock Clifton CC Jun
48th Phoebe Snoddin Mile Bar Girls Lady
49th Tony Calder Norton Wheelers V40
50th John Dowell Heawal CC V50
51st Kirsty Byron Jones Unattached Lady Vet
52nd Chris Parker Isasi Bradford V50
53rd Martin Lister Kiveton Park V50
54th Laura Jolly Here Come the Belgiums Lady
55th Carl Sawyer KPCC V40
56th Richard Fenn Calder CC v50


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