Ilkley CC ‘Cross Results

Ilkley Charity Cross – Sunday 17 Nov 2013
Venue: Ilkley Lido & Pool, Denton Road, Ilkley, LS29 0BZ
Event organiser: Mr Kevin Barrett  01756 798705

Report: Snowdon Sports & Clare Crabtree
Clare’s Photos on Flickr – Novice | Senior/J/V/W | Adult Podiums | Youth/U12 Podiums | Youth

Tom Seaman, on his way to his first senior overall win

Tom Seaman (Nutcracker Racing) took his first senior cyclo-cross victory with a late attack on a technical section giving him enough of a gap for the win.  Seaman, aged 16, was in the lead from the very start and was joined by Edwin Oliver-Evans (CX Magazine) who came off twice on the wooded technical descent but rejoined the lead on both occasions. The two worked well together for the whole race until the final lap when Seaman used his mountain bike expertise to gap his opponent and ride to victory.

This is Seaman’s first senior victory after taking three junior category wins already this season including one in the Rapha Super-Cross at Broughton Hall. Coming home in third place was Phil Hinchliffe (Bradford RCC), who was first Vet-40. The women’s prize went to Alison Kinloch (Ilkley CC).

Ilkley CC were using for the first time the woodland and grassland surrounding the facilities at the well know Lido and cricket club just to the North of the town. The course included a well laid out lightly cambered parkland section before a very tricky climb and then two part descent through woodland. With two narrow bridges and a patch of sticky mud that nobody totally escaped, it was a severe test for everyone.

The day began with the Youth race. Under-14 Eddie Townend went into an early lead but was then gradually pulled back by Dylan Flesher. The pair then rode together to the end of the race, where Flesher was the stronger, claiming the win. Townend took the Under-14 prize. Grace Feetham was the leading Youth girl and Annie Feetham was the leading under-14 .

Attention then switched to the three under-12 races, with a remarkable 84 competitors lining up.

The Under-8 winner was yet another of the Feetham clan, Alice, whilst Wil Lampkin was the leading boy in second place.

The under-10 race saw Toby Kershaw continue his great run this season with another strong ride. Freya Brearley was the first girl home in 7th place.

The Under-12 race saw Marcus Hiley see off the challenge of Nathan Page, whilst Olivia Ingham made it a Pedalsport CC clean sweep taking the girls’ race and sixth overall.

The final race of the day was for novice adults. A good entry of 20 riders battled over a slightly eased version of the main course and Andy Stoneman was the winner, with Louise Williamson the leading woman in 7th place.

Local hero Scott Thwaites was on hand to help with the prize giving and with the event having access to the excellent facilities at the venue, the atmosphere throughout was noisy and enthusiastic. Hopefully this venue will become a regular part of the YCCA calendar. With a large and committed team of marshals and over 250 riders entering the event, it was a credit to the host club and the event organiser, Kevin Barrett.

Results: (Please send corrections etc to
Download Lap-time Spreadsheets: Novice | SJVW | Youth

1 Tom Seamen Nut cracker racing Jun
2 Edwyn Oliver-Evans CX Mag U23
3 Philip Hinchliffe Bradford RCC V40
4 Richard Crabtree Pedal sport Sen
5 Tim Kershaw Pedalsport V40
6 Benny Pygott Paul Milnes RT U23
7 Guy Kesteven TNFC V40
8 Stuart Rider Riders Cycle Ccr V40
9 Richard Allen Here Come The Belgians V40
10 Justin Morgan Pedal sport V50
11 Stefan Macina JD Cycles V40
12 Niall Frost Moonglu RT Sen
13 Matthew Downes Paul Milnes U23
14 John Wood Finbury Park CC V40
15 Ryan Stockton TNFC Sen
16 Ian Cliffe IlkelyCC V40
17 Peter Hook Cyclescene Sen
18 Dave Johnson Dirt whs V40
19 Ian Chapman Dirt Wheels V40
20 Doug Hart Yorkshire Velo V40
21 Bobbin Gardener Hope Factory Racing Jun
22 Ricky Feather HCTB Sen
23 Ric Allan Peak RC Sen
24 Tony Mills York Cycleworks V40
25 Ben Woolleridge Peak RC V40
26 Brent Carr Here Come The Belgians V40
27 John Houlihan Otley CC V40
28 Kevin Holmes Unattached V50
29 James Dyson 3 RT V40
30 Michael Burdon IlkelyCC V40
31 Dermot McKee Unattached V40
32 Richard Gate Alber rosa V40
33 Scott Woolley Clifton CC U18
34 Stuart Pitches IlkelyCC V40
35 Alan Powell Otley CC V40
36 Jon Hobson Hope Factory Racing Sen
37 Tim Edward Skipton CC V40
38 Simon Pickard Jedi Cycles V40
39 Lee Morley IlkelyCC Sen
40 Barry Mordue CrosTrax V40
41 Dick Ballantine Craven Energy V40
42 Arthur Wilson IlkelyCC V40
43 Michael Scott Sheffield Stars CC V50
44 Giles Bailey HSW V40
45 K Davies Malton WS V40
46 Andy Holgate TNFC V40
47 Paul Carmen Unattached Sen
48 Tim Evans Harrogate Nova CC V50
49 Matt Cox Ilkley Harriers Sen
50 Phil Ingham Pedal sport V40
51 Jamie Morgan Pedal sport Jun
52 Nick Waggett HCTB V40
53 Andrew Tones Unattached V40
54 Ian Cullen Otley CC V40
55 Andy Bishop Worksop Whs Sen
56 John Docker Huddersfield Star Wheelers V50
57 Karl Rutins Skipton CC V50
58 Philip Wood Triangle RT V40
59 Matthew Cox Ilkley CC V40
60 Nick Mason Harrogate Nova CC V50
61 Jamie Hutchinson Unattached V40
62 Ian Holmes York Cycleworks V40
63 Michael Houlihan IlkelyCC V40
64 Paul Goulden HCTB V40
65 Darryl Stead Peak RC V40
66 Julian Holroyd Holmfirth HSW V40
67 Gary Hines Wick Tri Sen
68 David Shaw Huddersfield Star Wheelers V40
69 Rich Cutsforth VC Beverley V40
70 Richard Abbott Unattached V40
71 Jon Robinson Unattached V40
72 Mark Tobin Alder rosa V40
73 Mick Burton Calder Clarion CC Sen
74 Rich Thornton Pedal sport Sen
75 Ian Murray Skipton CC V40
76 Darrell Bradbury Norton Wheelers V40
77 Adrian Speight Unattached V50
78 Greg Francis IlkelyCC V40
79 Mark Stirling IlkelyCC V40
80 Rob Muirhead Unattached V40
81 Ben Still IlkelyCC V40
82 Allison Kinloch IlkleyCC WV
83 Tim Ashelford IlkelyCC V40
84 Jamie Bell Peak RC V40
85 Neil McLaughlin Harrogate Nova CC V50
86 Dave Clark Paul Milnes V40
87 Adam Evans IlkelyCC Sen
88 Sam Galloway Unattached V40
89 Emme Osenton Kinesis-morvelo FS
90 Rob Dodsworth JD Cycles Sen
91 Kate Johnson Dirt whs FS
92 Peter Bradford BFD Olypic V40
93 Neil Kerry Clifton CC V40
94 Charles Cuss Unattached Sen
95 Nicky Hartle Dirtwheels FS
96 Peter Middlemass Otley CC V40
97 Martin Silkstone Pedal sport V40
98 Hannah Saville Norton Wheelers FJun
99 Andrew Hatfield IlkelyCC V40
100 Jamie Booth Unattached Jun
101 Mark Bradley Here Come The Belgians V40
102 Keith Broady Here Come The Belgians V40
103 Allison Sarmento Harrogate Nova CC WV
104 Stuart Martin Velo Beverley V40
105 Jamie Kirk IlkelyCC V40
106 Jeff Lazenby TNFC V40
107 John Hardman HCTB V40
108 Ali Mills HCTB FS
109 John Parkinson HCTB V40
110 Chris Parker Bradford RCC V50
111 Fred Rothwell Bradford RCC V60
112 Jon Harris Unattached V40

1 Dylan Flesher Harrogate Nova U16
2 Eddie Townend Pedal Sport U14
3 Harry Cooper-Oldroyd KCA U16
4 Mason Mirzoali Bronti Wheelers U14
5 Alex Foley LMCC U16
6 Gus Gardner Harrogate Nova U16
7 Avi Bordoley Mercury U14
8 Tom Cullen Otley CC U14
9 Grace Feetham Wakefield JTC U16
10 Joe Parker East Bradford CC U16
11 Ryan Middlemiss JD Cycles U14
12 Finn Cooper-Oldroyd KCA U14
13 Morgan Mircalli Bronti Wheelers U14
14 Harry Hunt Ilkely U14
15 James Pickering East Bradford CC U14
16 Jonny Gill Ilkely U14
17 Louis Mason Harrogate Nova U14
18 Ben Kettleborough Ilkely U16
19 Tom Wake KCA U14
20 Joe Howcroft Otley CC U14
21 Annie Feetham Wakefield JTC U14
22 Scott Wolfenden KCA U14
23 Amy Hinchcliffe Wakefield JTC U14
24 George Carmen Unattached U14

Novice Adult
1 Andy Stoneman Valley Striders CC
2 David Varley Drighlington BC
3 Sam Gate Alba Rosa CC
4 Gareth Boss Unattached
5 Stuart Hull Unattached
6 Chris Oxlade Unattached
7 Louise Williamson HSW
8 Sean Houlihan IlkelyCC
9 Liam Mealey Otley CC
10 Richard Hudson Unattached
11 Hannah Stoneman Valley Striders CC
12 Deryck Jaks Unattached
13 Jeff Walton Unattached
14 Anna Hull Unattached
15 Chris Mitchell Unattached
16 Ben Hughes Unattached
17 Rebecca Bibby Valley Striders CC
18 Catherine Whiteside Ilkley CC
19 Helen Goldthorpe Otley CC
21 John Beers IlkelyCC

1 Marcus Hiley Pedalsport
2 Nathan Page East Bradford CC
3 Luke Middlemiss JD Cycles
4 Adam Bailey Huddersfield Star Wheelers
5 Toby Seaman Wakefield Junior Tri
6 Olivia Ingham Pedalsport
7 Ben Hoolihan Otley CC
8 Amber Hull East Bradford CC
9 Chloe Hinchcliffe Wakefield Junior Tri
10 Elicia Bordoley Leeds Mercury
11 Edward Riley ICC
12 Ethan Whiteside Ilkley CC
13 Joe Sarmiento Harrogate Nova
14 Matthew Briggs Ilkely CC
15 Adam Powell Otley CC
16 Charlie Dixon
17 Joseph Carr Leeds Mercury
18 Ben Pickard Jedi Cycles
19 Rory Simkins
20 Euan Berry Clifton CC
21 Millie Woolveridge
22 Adele Taylor Clifton CC
23 Joseph Carmen
24 Cara Burdon Ilkley CC
25 Kaitlin Harris Ilkley cC
26 Emily Stoneman Valley Striders CC
27 Jovan Ganeri
28 Angel Smith
29 Lucy Francis

1 Toby Kershaw Pedalsport
2 Tom Scott Sheffield Stars
3 Luca Longo Huddersfield Star Wheelers
4 Jake Powell Otley CC
5 Alex Bailey Huddersfield Star Wheelers U10
6 Seb Cliffe Ilkley CC U10
7 Freya Brearley East Bradford CC U10
8 Elora Foley Leeds Mercury
9 Matthew Warriner Pedalsport
10 Samuel Mills York Cycleworks
11 Milo Hull
12 Harry Stead Ilkley CC
13 Isobel Macina Ilkley CC
14 Ben Lehan Harrogate Nova
15 Astrid Hiley Pedalsport
16 Anna Kippen Leeds Mercury U10
17 James Garnet Ilkley CC
18 Evan Tallontre Otley CC
19 Holly Pitches Ilkley CC
20 Eoghan Thompson Leeds Mercury
21 Orla Hunt Leeds Mercury
22 Freya Whiteside Ilkley CC
23 Ryan Thomas East Bradford CC
24 Annabelle Woolveridge
25 Adeline Bradley Wharfedale
26 Imogen Burdon
27 Jess Francis
28 Edward Hobbs
29 Erin Horsfield Ilkley CC

1 Alice Feetham Wakefield Tri U8
2 Wil Lampkin Hope U8
3 Freddie Dixon
4 Katie Shaw HSW
5 Ben Adams
6 Jack Cook Calder Clarion
7 Gilbert Muirhead
8 Emily Middlewick Otley CC
9 Caelen Thompson Leeds Mercury
10 Lily Cullen Otley CC
11 Mark Ketteringham Harrogate Nova
12 Gretel Wood
13 Rowan Allan Peak Revolutions
14 Tomos Davies
15 James Stirling Ilkley CC
16 Max Stead Ilkley CC
17 Lucy Pitches ICC
18 Jake Armital Crosstrax
19 Ella Brooks-Cook Calder Clarions
20 Florence Greenhalgh
21 Ewen Wilkinson
22 Josh Saville
23 Franchesca Maczina Ilkley CC
24 Sophie Adams East Bradfford CC
25 Summer Smith
26 Freddie Kerry Clifton CC

2 thoughts on “Ilkley CC ‘Cross Results

  1. My son Oscar is new to this and only just got round to looking at the results of this race. This the first race hes done, and hasn’t done anymore for various reasons… hes not listed? he raced in the U12???

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