Results – U12/10 Rapha Supercross

Broughton Hall Supercross Under-12 Results
Saturday 19 October 2013
Senior Races Report and Results



1. Seb Cliffe (Ilkley CC)
2. Max Lutz-Atkinson (MRT)
3. Nathan Coy (Ilkley CC)
4. Luca Longo ((Huddersfield Star Wheelers)
5. Lewis Carr ((Ilkley CC)
6. Dylan Slack (Beacon Wheelers)
7. Oliver Hick (Orange Hooli)
8. Tomasso Camdana (Cycle Sport Pendle)
9. Ben Ramsden (Huddersfield Star Wheelers)
10. Elena Hick (Orange Hooli) 1ST GIRL
11. Freya Estevan (TNFC)
12. Oliver Cliffe ((Ilkley CC)
13. Enya Stoves (Derwentside CC)
14. Dylan Carr ((Ilkley CC)
15. Isabel Macina ((ilkley CC)
16. Astrid Hiley (Pedalsport)
17. Declan Oldham (Hope)
18. Amelia Cleathero (Barnesbury CC)
19. Lewis Aldridge (North Cheshire Clarion)
20. Matilda McKibbon (Skipton CC)
21. Olivia Pickering
22. Maddox Howe (Cycle Sport Pendle)
23. Enya Stoves (Derwentside CC)
24. Tilden Windsor (East Bradford CC)
25. Jake Proctor (Millom)
26. Harry Fox (East Bradford CC)
27. Benjamin O’Halloran (Dirtwheels)
28. Zachary Sim
29. Freya Hatfield (Ilkely CC)
30. Harry Fearn
31. Joss Proctor (Millom)
32. Sally King
33. Adeline Bradley
34. Oliver Hick (Orange Hooli)
35. Erin Hatfield (Ilkley CC)
36. Olivia Fox (East Bradford CC)
37. Zavier Cleathero
38. Gabriel Sim
39. Isla Fearn
40. Arley Windsor (East Bradford CC)


1. Ava Oxley (KCA) 1ST GIRL
2. Marcus Hiley (Pedalsport)
3. Barnaby Walkingshaw (Beacon Wheelers)
4. Hugo Lutz-Atkinson
5. Sam Murray (Scott UK)
6. Adam Hodgson (Cog Set)
7. Alfie Savage (Cog Set)
8. Evie Barrow (Cog Set)
9. Junior Jackson (Mosley CRT)
10. Joshua Hall (Ilkley CC)
11. Luke Middlemiss (JD Cycles)
12. Dominic Coy (Ilkley CC)
13. Reuben Foster
14. Tilly Perry (Cogset)
15. Conall Ross (Hetton Hawks)
16. Joe Sarmiento (Harrogate Nova CC)
17. Edward McCurrie (Muncaster Wheelers)
18. Kayleigh Wells (Yorkshire Velo)
19. Edward Riley (Ilkley CC)
20. Elicia Bordoley (Leeds Mercury CC)
21. Joe Carr (Leeds Mercury)
22. Harvey Lewis
23. Dominic Pye (Cog Set)
24. Sophie Ramsden
25. Adele Taylor (Clifton CC)
26. William Lomas (Muncaster Wheelers)


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