Round 3 Oakbank – Results

hopeSunday 15 Sep 2013
Yorkshire Points Round 3, Keighley
Venue: Oakbank School, Oakworth Road, Keighley, BD22 5DU
Race Times: 10.30 Youth | 11.30 Under-12 | 12.30 Vets & Women | 14.00 Senior & Junior – Enter on the day
Event organiser: Mr Peter Charlton 01535643184

Images: Clare Crabtree’s pics: Youth | Under-12 | Vet & Women | Sen & Jun – Jo Allen’s pics: Gallery

Report: Clare Crabtree & Snowdon Sport (for

Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) raced to his second consecutive victory in the Yorkshire Points Series, winning by almost three and a half minutes from his nearest rival over a rain-soaked and muddy course at Oakbank School in Keighley. The Lancashire rider mastered the slippy course in style, displaying the form which saw him finish as runner-up in last season’s National Trophy Series.

He hit the front almost from the off, initially with Ian Taylor (Jedi Cycle Sport) and Nick Barnes (Zepnat RT) for company, but he soon edged ahead and set about building a good lead. Taylor fared better in the conditions and edged ahead of Barnes, although the gap between them had come back down to just ten seconds on the line.

Behind them, Jamie Sharpe (York Cycleworks) took fourth spot after battling up from sixth, while Simon Maudsley (Dirtwheels Cycles) who had been fourth slipped back in the later stages. Taylor’s second spot was impressive given that he had just ridden – and won – the veterans’ race, but his margin of victory was narrow by Oldham’s standards.

Ian Taylor took the win from Chris Young (Pedalsport CC) by 16 seconds, while Chris Taylor (Pedalsport) was another 40 seconds back in third place. Nikola Butler (VC St Raphael) was once again the fastest female, but she was made to work hard for her win with Marie Jackson (Paul Milnes RT) only around 20 seconds back. And in the youth race Alfie Moses (Paul Milnes RT) took the win from East Bradford CC duo Robert Scott and Euan Cameron, second and third respectively with Scott just 37 seconds back.

Results – 

Results – Lap Time Spreadsheet Downloads

Seniors-Juniors | Veteran-Women | Youth

IMPORTANT: Questions about results etc – please email – please include as much detail as you can (who finished immediately in front or behind you, for example).

1 Alfie Moses Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic U16
2 Robert Scott East Bradford CC U16
3 Euan Cameron E.B.C.C U14
4 Jenson Young Pedalsport U14
5 Jacob Feetham Wakefield JTC U16
6 George Fox East Bradford CC U16
7 Matt Taylor Pedalsport U14
8 Alex Foley Leeds Mercury U16
9 Mason Hollyman KCA U14
10 Lucy Horrocks Hope Factory Racing U14
11 Harry Cooper Oldroyd KCA U16
12 Tom Humphrey SportcityVelo U16
13 Simeon Young Pedalsport U16
14 Liam Gilpin Wakefield JTC U16
15 Nathan Smith Clifton CC U14
16 Luke Benn Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic U16
17 Mason Mirzaali Bronte Wheelers U14
18 Jack Sumner Wakefield JTC U16
19 Joe Parker East Bradford CC U16
20 Louis Cook HVW U14
21 Louis Mason Harrogate Nova U14
22 Anna Docherty Clifton CC U14
23 Eddie Townend Unnatached U14
24 Lucy Wheartey Pedalsport U14
25 Jonny Gill Keighley CC U14
26 Grace Feetham Wakefield JTC U16
27 Ryan Middlemiss JDCycles U14
28 Elizabeth Lloyd Wakefield JTC U16
29 Chris Wilson Wakefield JTC U14
30 James Ince K.C.A U14
31 Annie Feetham Wakefield JTC U14
32 Paul Asquith E.B.C.C U14
33 Ruby Boydes HSW U14
34 Morgan Mirzaali Bronte Wheelers U14

1 Ian Taylor Jedi Cycle Sport
2 Chris Young Pedalsport Cycling Club
3 Chris Taylor Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Noel Clough Jedi Cycle Sport
5 Andrew Peace Jedi Cycle Sport
6 Mike Young Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Steven Bottomley Crosstrax
8 Matt Denby Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis
9 Dan Cook Peak Road Club
10 Tim Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
11 Jonathan Watson Charge Bikes
12 Richard Binks Clay Cross Road Team
13 Robin Bradbory Air Valley Racing Team
14 David Kinloch Ilkley Cycling Club
15 Andrew Windrum York Cycleworks
16 Marcus Spencer Hargreaves Cycles
17 John Murfin Jedi Cycle Sport
18 Alistair Rees Private Member
19 Richard Dobson Team Cystic Fibrosis
20 Simon Pateman Saddleworth Clarion
21 Ivan Boyes HSW
22 Paul Lehan Harrogate Nova CC
23 Tim Bull Ilkley Cycling Club
24 Rod Powell RCC
25 Andrew Whitworth Huddersfield RC
26 Darrell Bradbury Norton Wheelers
27 John Wood Finsbury Park
28 Dave Johnston Dirtwheels Cycles
29 David Jennaway Unattached
30 Stephen Mills York Cycleworks
31 Richard Allen Here Come The Belgians
32 Nick Elder Dirtwheels Cycles
33 Colin Moses Whafdale Harriers
34 Simon Pickard Jedi Cycle Sport
35 Peter Dukes HSW
36 David Green Bronte Wheelers
37 Ian Cliffe Ilkley Cycling Club
38 Phil Ingham Pedalsport Cycling Club
39 Andy Cook Holme Vlley Wheelers
40 Giles Bailey HSW
41 Ben Appleby Arrow Cycles
42 Philip Wood Unattached
43 Paul Nutton Here Come The Belgians
44 Gary Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
45 Jim Shenton Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic
46 Jonathan Breen Ilkley Cycling Club
47 Kevin Hickie Bronte Wheelers
48 Jon Robinson Unattached
49 Andrew Wood Bronte Wheelers
50 Nick Waggett Here Come The Belgians
51 Dave Topping Pendle Forest CC
52 Sean Rudge Pedalsport Cycling Club
53 Simon Wilson Unattached
54 Kev Saville Norton Wheelers
55 Peter Middlemiss Otley CC
56 Steven McCall Huddersfield Star Whirls
57 Adrian Lord Condor RC
58 Kevin Allen Scarborough Paragon
59 Sam Galloway Unattached
60 Dave Clark Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic
61 Peter Bradford Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic
62 Peter Dixon Unattached
63 Paul Crothers Unattached
64 Nicole Hartle Dirtwheels Cycles
65 Paul Gray Private Member
66 John Hardiman Private Member
67 Mark Jacobi Peak Road Club

Vet-50 & Women
1 Pete Wilkin Feitsen Tempo V50
2 Alistair Dow Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic V50
3 Mark Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing V50
4 Wayne Nicholson York Cycleworks V50
5 Justin Morgan Pedalsport Cycling Club V50
6 Nicola Butler VC St Raphael W
7 Steve Shephard Jorvir MTB V50
8 Charles Warren Unattached V50
9 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic WV
10 Nick Mason Harrogate Nova CC V50
11 Owen Henriksen Norton Wheelers V50
12 Andrew Moxon Otley CC V50
13 Paul Sleaford Norton Wheelers V50
14 Phil Jones Crosstrax V60
15 Michael Scott Sheffield Stars CSC V50
16 Rebecca Wormersly Scott Contessa Epic W
17 Neil McLaughton Harrogate Nova CC V50
18 Juliet Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing WV
19 Hannah Saville Norton Wheelers WJ
20 Barry Bennett Otley CC V50
21 Martin Brass Cyclesport Pendle V50
22 Timothy Evans Harrogate Nova CC V50
23 Lynn Bland Norton Wheelers WV
24 Beate Kubitz Clover Clubs WV
25 Andrew Akers Huddersfield Star Wheelers V50
26 Adrian Speight Unattached V50
27 Madeleine Rolinson-lord Tod Harriers WJ
28 Amy O’Halloran Dirtwheels Cycles W
29 Andrea Rodgers Norton Wheelers W
30 Sarah Lloyd Wakefield J Tri WJ
31 Laura Jolly Here Come The Belgians W
32 Christopher Parker East Bradford CC V50
33 Chris Beetham West Yorkshire Police CC V50
34 Richard Fenn Calder Clarion V50

1 Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing sen

2 Ian Taylor Jedi Cycle Sports Vet
3 Nick Barnes Zepnat RT U23
4 James Sharp York Cycleworks sen
5 Simon Maudsley Dirt Wheels Cycles sen
6 James Thompson Langset Cycles sen
7 Ben Cooper Batley Cycling Club U23
8 Tom Seaman Nutcracker Racing JUN
9 Ben Pygott Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic U23
10 Richard Crabtree Pedalsport Cycling Club sen
11 Duncan Warner Airedale Olympioc sen
12 Edwyn Oliver Evans JUN
13 Daniel Storey RST Racing sen
14 Ady Rudd Dirt Wheels Cycles sen
15 Matt Buckingham Barnsley RC sen
16 Craig Gath York Cycleworks sen
17 Dave Beachill Stocksbridge CC sen
18 Paul Mace High Wickham CC Vet
19 David Morris Harrogate Nova CC sen
20 David Peacock Dirt Wheels Cycles JUN
21 Oliver Webster Unattached sen
22 Tim Small Aire Valley Racing JUN
23 Connor Palliser East Bradford CC JUN
24 Daniel Gilpin Wakefield JUN
25 David Brown Pedalsport Cycling Club sen
26 Johny Croston Calder Clarion sen
27 Nicky Wroe Unattached sen
28 Brandon Stock Clifton CC JUN
29 Charles Cuss Unattached sen
30 Michael Burton Colder Clarrion sen
31 Josh Bennett Seacroft Wheelers JUN
32 Jonny Tomes Jedi Cycle Sports sen
33 Russ Ellis Dirt Wheels Cycles sen
34 Jamie Morgan Pedalsport Cycling Club JUN
35 Nick Lattimer Unattached sen

Under-10 & Under-8
1. Toby Kershaw Pedalsport U10
2. Alex Bailey Huddersfield Star Wheelers U10
3. Tom Scott Sheffield Stars U10
4. Luca Longo Huddersfield Star Wheelers U10
5. Oliver Akers Huddersfield Star Wheelers U10
6. Seb Cliffe Ilkley CC U10
7. Marshall Buchanan Cyclesport Pendle U10
8. Holly Deavin Pedalsport U10
9. Oliver Windrum York Cycleworks U10
10. Matthew Warriner Pedalsport U10
11. Sammy Mills York Cycleworks U10
12. Owen Thompson U10
13. Freya Brearley East Bradford CC U10
14. Dylan Boyes Huddersfield Star Wheelers U10
15. Wil Lampkin Hope U8
16. Alice Feetham Wakefield Tri U8
17. Milo Hull U10
18. Sam Wright Pedalsport U10
19. Dan Deavin Pedalsport U8
20. Joe Dunn Marley U8
21. Astrid Hiley Pedalsport U10
22. Alistair Trusselle Bronte Wheelers U8
23. Orla Hunt Leeds Mercury U10
24. Harry Fox EBCC U8
25. Samm Dunn Marley U8
26. Sam Fox Airedale Chemical U8
27. Matthew Awds U10
28. Anna Kippen Leeds Mercury U10
29. Olivia Fox East Bradford CC U8
30. Sally Asquith East Bradford CC U10
31. Ben Warriner Pedalsport U8
32. Gretel Wood U8
33. Josh Saville U8
34. Tilden Windsor East Bradford CC U10
35. Freya Hatfield Ilkley CC U8
36. Jamie Saville U10
37. Erin Hatfield Ilkley CC U8
38. Laura Asquith East Bradford CC U8
39. Arley Windsor East Bradford CC U8

1. Ava Oxley KCA
2. George Southby East Bradford CC
3. Henry Hollyman KCA
4. Marcus Hiley Pedalsport
5. Nathan Page East Bradford CC
6. Adam Bailey Huddersfield Star Wheelers
7. Tom Sheard KCA
8. Adam Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
9. Toby Seaman Wakefield Junior Tri
10. Jamie Asquith East Bradford CC
11. Olivia Ingham Pedalsport
12. Amber Hull East Bradford CC
13. Rory Simkins
14. Adam Mills York Cycleworks
15. Lily Young Bronte Wheelers/Neophix
16. Adele Taylor Clifton CC
17. Joe Sarmiento Harrogate Nova

IMPORTANT: Questions about results etc – please email – please include as much detail as you can (who finished immediately in front or behind you, for example).

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