Round 2 Todmorden Results


Wed, 15th May 2013, Centre Vale Park Burnley Road, Todmorden, OL14 7BD
Event organiser: Mr Chipps Chippendale, c/o Singletrack Magazine, Lockside Mill, Dale Street, TODMORDEN OL14 5PX
07977570271 –


The second round of the 2013 YCCA Pedalsport Summer Cyclo-Cross Series brought riders to the popular but formidable Todmorden Park venue. For the over-14 race, there was the prospect of tackling the famous cobbled climb. In addition, heavy rain in the days before the race made the rest of the course extremely wet.

The Under-14 race was won by Thomas Nelson, with Pedalsport club-mates Jenson Young and Max Rushby close behind. Lucy Horrocks was fourth and first girl to finish. Toby Kershaw was the first under-10 in 12th place.

The Over-14 race attracted over 100 entries and saw a close battle between Nick Barnes and Neal Crampton, with Barnes coming out on top in the end. Mike Young was third and first Veteran finisher. Alfie Moses was the leading Youth rider in 12th place, whilst the first woman home was Amira Mellor.

Clare Crabtree’s Images

Trevor Schofield’s Video

Results (Series Standings)

Over-14 Race Results
1 Nick Barnes Zepnat Sen.
2 Neal Crampton Torq S
3 Mike Young Pedalsport V40
4 Dave Haygarth Planet X Bikes V40
5 Matt. Denby Jewson V40
6 Ben Cooper Dirtwheels Cycles Sen.
7 Rob Thackray Paul Milnes/brad.Oly. Sen.
8 Andrew Peace Jedi Cyclesport V40
9 Rick Crabtree Pedalsport S
10 Graeme bird V40
11 Chris Taylor Pedalsport V40
12 Alfie Moses Paul Milnes/brad.Oly. U.16
13 Chris Barnes Zepnat U.16
14 Stephen Bottomley Crosstrax V40
15 Andy Whitworth Huddersfield RC V40
16 Trevor Schofield Moonglu RT Sen.
17 Tim Kershaw Pedalsport Sen.
18 Ivan Boyes Hudds.Star Wheelers Sen.
19 Duncan Warner Airedale Olympic Sen.
20 Robert Scott EBCC U.16
21 Mark Horrocks Team Hope V40 at 1 Lap
22 Tom Seaman Wakefield Jun.Tri.Club U.16 at 1 Lap
23 Alistair Dow Paul Milnes/brad.Oly. V.50 at 1 Lap
24 James Tudor Rossendale RC Sen. at 1 Lap
25 Andy Westwell V40 at 1 Lap
26 Mark Rushby Pedalsport S at 1 Lap
27 Michael Burdon Ilkley CC V.40 at 1 Lap
28 Justin Morgan Pedalsport V50 at 1 Lap
29 Justin Taylor Pedalsport Sen. at 1 Lap
30 Matthew Cox Ilkley CC V.40 at 1 Lap
31 Alan Dorrington Planet X V40 at 1 Lap
32 Graham Piccavey Hudds.Star Wheelers at 1 Lap
33 Stuart Pitches Ilkley CC V,40 at 1 Lap
34 David Kinloch Ilkley CC V.40 at 1 Lap
35 David Peacock Dirtwheels Jun. at 1 Lap
36 Steve Rimmer Holme Valley Wheelers V.50 at 1 Lap
37 Stephen Grange Bronte Sen. at 1 Lap
38 Ally Wight Hardrock hoodlums Sen. at 1 Lap
39 Brian Perks Pedalsport V60 at 1 Lap
40 Richard Lane Single Track Sen. at 1 Lap
41 Nick Elder Dirtwheels V40 at 1 Lap
42 Piers Mortimer Velocake V40 at 1 Lap
43 Chris Ward Hudds.Star Wheelers Sen. at 1 Lap
44 Scott Weston Crosstrax S at 1 Lap
45 Matthew Bates S at 1 Lap
46 Steve Parker Pedal sport V40 at 1 Lap
47 Paul Nutton V40 at 1 Lap
48 Phil Ingham Pedalsport V40 at 1 Lap
49 Tim Small Airevalley RT Jun. at 1 Lap
50 Dave Micklethwaite 3RT Sen. at 1 Lap
51 Andrew Tones V40 at 1 Lap
52 Richard Naylar Keep Pedalling V40 at 1 Lap
53 Amira Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers W.U16 at 2 Laps
54 Renee Saxton W. at 1 Lap
55 Andrew Mee Mee First V40 at 1 Lap
56 Ian Nicholls S at 1 Lap
57 George Fox EBCC U16 at 1 Lap
58 John Docker Hudds.Star Wheelers V40 at 1 Lap
59 Ben Appleby Alford Wheelers S at 1 Lap
60 Gilesn Perkins North Cheshire Clarion V40 at 1 Lap
61 Liz. Taylor Pedalsport WV40 at 1 Lap
62 Mike Scott Sheffield Stars V50 at 1 Lap
63 Steve McAll Ravensthorpe V.40 at 1 Lap
64 Liam Gilpin Wakefield Jun.Tri.Club U.16 at 1 Lap
65 David Shaw Sen. at 1 Lap
66 Scott Fraser Sen. at 2 Laps
67 Phil Wood Triangle V40 at 2 Laps
68 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes/brad.Oly. W.40 at 2 Laps
69 Ben Dransfield Wakefield Jun. Tri. Club U16 at 2 Laps
70 Sarah Murray Leeds Gryphons at 2 Laps
71 Alison Kinloch Ilkley CC W. at 2 Laps
72 Ben Smith Alba Rosa CC Sen. at 2 Laps
73 Peter Bradford Paul milnes/Brad.Oly, V.40 at 2 Laps
74 Mike Plant North Cheshire Clarion Sen. at 2 Laps
75 Adam Cooper HCTB Sen. at 2 Laps
76 Chris Halliwell Sen. at 2 Laps
77 Mark Royle North Cheshire Clarion V40 at 2 Laps
78 Martin Bradford V.40 at 2 Laps
79 Beats Kubitz Single Track WV40 at 2 Laps
80 B. Peace BRCC Lynn Motors V60 at 2 Laps
81 John Redmond Paul Milnes/Brad.Oly. V.50 at 2 Laps
82 Tony Ponath Paul Milnes/Brad.Oly. V50 at 2 Laps
83 Peter Dixon V40 at 2 Laps
84 Luke Benn Paul Milnes/brad.Oly. U.16 at 2 Laps
85 Emma Ossenton Kinesis Morvelo W. at 2 Laps
86 Gary Severn Sen. at 2 Laps
87 Dick Ballentine Craven Energy V40 at 2 Laps
88 Mark Warriner Pedalsport Sen. at 2 Laps
89 Joe Parker EBCC U.16 at 2 Laps
90 Adam Webster Sen. at 3 Laps
91 Stevev Cavell Condor RC V.50 at 3 Laps
92 Andrew Wilcock EBCC Sen. at 3 Laps
93 Paul Gray V40 at 3 Laps
94 Jon Green Sen. at 4 Laps

Under-14 Race Results
1 Thomas Nelson Pedalsport U14
2 Jenson Young Pedalsport U12
3 Max Rushby Pedalsport U12
4 Lucy Horrocks Hope U14
5 Matt Tailor Pedalsport U14
6 Finn Cooper KCA U12
7 Harry Cooper-Oldroyd KCA U14
8 Simeon Young Pedalsport U14
9 Sophie Thackray Paul Milnes/Brad. Olympic U14 at 1 Lap
10 Louis Cook Holme Valley Wheelers U12
11 Lewis Gardiner Huddersfield Star Wheelers U14
12 Toby Kershaw Pedalsport U10
13 Marcus Hiley Pedalsport U10
14 Tom Whitworth Hudds. RC U12
15 Georgia Savory Cycle Sport Pendle U14
16 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks U12
17 Tom Scott Sheffield Stars U10 at 2 :aps
18 Tom Wake KCA U12
19 Luca Longo Huddersfield Star Wheelers U10
20 Wiliiam Thackray Paul Milnes/Brad. Olympic U12
21 TBC
22 Ella Hampson Huddersfield Star Wheelers U10
23 Ruby Boyes Huddersfield Star Wheelers U12
24 Olivia Ingham Pedalsport U12
25 Lucy Whearty Pedalsport U12 at 3 Laps
26 Matthew Wariner Pedalsport U8
27 Astrid Hiley Pedalsport U8
28 Jack Bailey KCA U8
29 Will Lampkin U8
30 Harry fox EBCC U8
31 Lily Young Bronte Wheelers U10 at 4 Laps
32 E. Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle U8
33 Sydney Sergeant U12
34 Kate Shaw Huddersfield Star Wheelers U8
35 Tilden Windsor U8
36 Olivia Fox EBCC U8

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