Round 3 Huddersfield Results


Date: Wed, 29th May 2013, Colne Valley High School, Laithwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5SP
Event organiser: Mr Andrew Whitworth, 2 Beaumont Street, Longwood, HUDDERSFIELD, HD3 4RE 01484646387

Report – Colne Valley Mudbath, by Clare Crabtree

Nick Barnes took his second win in the 2013 Pedalsport YCCA Summer CycloCross series with a convincing performance, finishing well clear of his nearest rival Jack Clarkson.

The day began with the event in some doubt after recent heavy rain, but organiser Andy Whitworth was given the go-ahead by the school before noon and after a few tweaks to the course, to avoid some of the muddier sections, it was all systems go.

Over 90 riders lined up for the Over-14 race in pouring rain and failing light. A group of three quickly formed at the head of the race, Barnes, Clarkson and Ian Taylor, who showed their class as they pulled out a large lead from Mike Young, Matt Denby, Andy Peace and Matt Worton.

At the halfway point of the race Barnes showed his hand and pulled out a twenty second lead over Clarkson and Taylor. Neither rider was able to respond and Barnes went on to win by twenty seven seconds. Clarkson left it till the second to last lap to pull out a small advantage over Taylor to claim second.

A similar story was taking place further down with Peace and Young battling for fourth, with Peace also making a move on the second to last lap to seal it in his favour.

In the women’s race Amira Mellor had a very strong ride into 25th and took her third win of the series with Rebecca Womersley in second.

Earlier, in the Under 14 race Thomas Nelson took his third win in the series, but did not have it all his own way with Mason Hollyman and Euan Cameron both grabbing the lead early on. But by the last lap Nelson was in control and overhauled Cameron for the win. Cameron then slipped chain coming into the finish which dropped him down to third.

Clare Crabtree’s Images – Under-14 | Over-14

Trevor Schofield’s Over-14 Race Youtube Video

Results (Series Standings)

Under-14 Race 
Position Bib Name Club/Team Category
1 15 Thomas Nelson Pedalsport U14
2 8 Jenson Young Pedalsport U12
3 76 Euan Cameron East Bradford CC U14
4 71 Mason Hollyman KCA U14
5 48 Matt Taylor Pedalsport U14
6 53 Lucy Horrocks Hope U14
7 73 Jim Brown KCA U12
8 9 Simeon Young Pedalsport U14
9 77 Lucy Byram Holme Valley Wheelers U14
10 72 Henry Hollyman KCA U12
11 78 Erica Byram Holme Valley Wheelers U14
12 10 Louis Cook Holme Valley Wheelers U12
13 63 Kade Edwards U14
14 12 Marcus Hiley Pedalsport U10
15 67 Eddie Townend U14
16 69 Ollie Rees Holme Valley Wheelers U12
17 38 Lucy Whearty Pedalsport U12
18 1 Tom Whitworth Huddersfield RC U12
19 35 Scott Wolfenden KCA U12
20 7 Tom Scott Sheffield Stars U10
21 84 Millie Yates Holme Valley Wheelers U12
22 82 Alex Bailey Huddersfield Star Wheeler U10
23 25 Nathan Page East Bradford CC U12
24 81 Adam Bailey Huddersfield Star Wheeler U12
25 75 Ben Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheeler U12
26 74 Adam Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheeler U12
27 83 Ruby Yates Holme Valley Wheelers U12
28 87 Will Roberts Holme Valley Wheelers U10
29 79 Oliver Akers Huddersfield Star Wheeler U8
30 26 Matthew Wariner Pedalsport U8
31 88 Joseph Ibbotson Huddersfield Star Wheeler U8
32 86 Kayleigh Wells Yorkshire Velo U10
33 68 Josh Charlesworth U14
34 70 Megan Rees Holme Valley Wheelers U8
35 64 Tyler Swiss U14
36 5 Harry Fox East Bradford CC U8
37 80 Kate Shaw Huddersfield Star Wheeler U8
38 85 Jack Edwards Huddersfield Star Wheeler U8
39 66 Rosanne Stacey U14

Over-14 Race
Position Bib Name Club/Team Category Lap
1 97 Nick Barnes Zepnat Sen.
2 170 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing Sen.
3 196 Ian Taylor Jedi Cyclesport V.40
4 55 Andrew Peace Jedi Cyclesport V40
5 10 Mike Young Pedalsport V40
6 50 Matt Denby Jewson V40
7 118 Ben Cooper Dirtwheels Cycles Sen.
8 86 Alfie Moses Paul Milnes/brad.Oly. U.16
9= 182 Chris Taylor Pedalsport V40
9= 173 James Thompson Langsett Cycles RT Sen.
11 37 Matthew Worton Blackhawk Bikes U16
12 186 Trevor Schofield Moonglu RT Sen.
13 21 Rick Crabtree Pedalsport S
14 62 Graeme Bird V40
15 24 Stephen Bottomley Crosstrax V40
16 23 Duncan Warner Airedale Olympic S
17 78 David Kinloch Ilkley CC V.40
18 132 Tom Seaman Wakefield Jun.Tri.Club U.16
19 98 Chris Barnes Zepnat U.16
20 36 Stephan Maczna J.D. Cycles V40
21 145 Andy Westwell V40
22 17 Mark Horrocks Team Hope V40
23 157 Joe Brown Holme Valley Wheelers Sen.
24 142 Ivan Boyes Hudds.Star Wheelers Sen.
25 95 Amira Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers W.U16 at 1 lap
26 153 Steve Rimmer Holme Valley Wheelers V.50
27 199 Andy Johnson Yorkshire Velo Sen.
28 64 Justin Taylor Pedalsport Sen.
29 161 Lewis Byram Holme Valley Wheelers U16
30 75 Michael Burdon Ilkley CC V.40
31 193 Tim Small Airevalley RT Jun.
32 179 Simon Pateman Saddleworth Clarion V40
33 189 David Peacock Dirtwheels Jun.
34 176 Darren Bibb Dirtwheels V40
35 174 Steve Wood Oldham Ruffyeds V40
36 4 Matthew Bates S
37 164 Graham Piccavey Hudds.Star Wheelers V40
38 131 Matthew Cox Ilkley CC V.40
39 74 Barry Mordue Crosstrax V.40
40 8 George Fox East Bradford CC U16
41 66 Ben Dransfield Wakefield Jun. Tri. Club U16
42 172 Jacob Feetham Wakefield Tri U16
43 139 David Shaw Sen.
44 96 Chris Ward Hudds.Star Wheelers Sen.
45 178 Mike Gradwell Saddleworth Clarion Sen.
46 53 Andrew Tones V40
47 31 Ben Appleby Alford Wheelers S
48 147 John Docker Hudds.Star Wheelers V40
49 168 Peter Dukes Hudds.Star Wheelers V.40
50 156 Alistair Rees Holme Valley Wheelers V40
51 25 Nick Elder Dirtwheels V40
52 33 Phil Ingham Pedalsport V40
53 107 Ally Wight Hardrock hoodlums Sen.
54 151 Adam Webster Sen.
55 91 Joe Williams Holme Valley Wheelers U.16
56 121 Gilesn Perkins North Cheshire Clarion V40
57 9 Mike Scott Sheffield Stars V50
58 13 Phil Wood Triangle V40
59 159 Rebecca Womersley Scott Contessa W
60 160 Gary Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheelers V40
61 79 Alison Kinloch Ilkley CC W.
62 77 Timothy Bull Ilkley CC V.40
63 152 Juliet Horrocks Hope Factory Racing WV40 at 2 laps
64 154 Owen Henriksen Norton Wheelers V50
65 181 Liz. Taylor Pedalsport WV40
66 88 Luke Benn Paul Milnes/brad.Oly. U.16
67 52 Dick Ballentine Craven Energy V40
68 188 Carl Ibbotson Huddersfield Star Wheelers V40
69 165 Michael Burton Calder Clarion Sen.
70 143 Emma Ossenton Kinesis Morvelo W.
71 195 Peter Bradford Paul milnes/Brad.Oly, V.40
72 54 Sarah Rowell W.50
73 171 S Rudge Pedalsport V40
74 76 H. Nicholson V.60
75 163 Gilly Dukes Huddersfield Star Wheelers VW40
76 108 John Redmond Paul Milnes/Brad.Oly. V.50
77 194 Martin Bradford V.40
78 144 Gary Severn Sen.
79 38 Mark Warriner Pedalsport Sen.
80 120 Mark Royle North Cheshire Clarion V40
81 158 Jay Hudson Holme Valley Wheelers V40
82 180 Ali Mills Here Come The Belgians W
83 40 Nicky Hartle Dirtwheels Cycles wom.40
84 177 Chris Parker EBCC V50
85 162 Andy Akers Huddersfield Star Wheelers V50
86 114 Stevev Cavell Condor RC V.50
87 183 Paul Gray V40
88 167 Graham Ellis Huddersfield RC V40
89 155 Chris Beetham Seacroft Wheelers V50


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