Round 8 Harrogate Results


Date: Wed, 24th July 2013, Killinghall Moor Country Park, Harrogate, HG3 2NZ
Event organiser: Mr Timothy Evans 58 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate, HG2 0PN 07522 064409

Images: from Clare Crabtree – Over-14 | Under-14 | Report: from Clare Crabtree

Ian Taylor dominates the eighth round of the summer series winning by nearly a minute over Jack Clarkson.

Driving through heavy rain to the race thoughts were of a wet slippy race but a dry fast course greeted us at Harrogate and the weather stayed fair.

harrogateMark Rushby lead the pack out through a lap of the field but as they emerged from the woods a pack of six had formed: Dalton, Worton, Peace, Clarkson, Ian and Chris Taylor. Chris Taylor fell and was distanced from the fast moving pack and it was not till lap four that the lead riders started to spilt apart.

Ian Taylor and Clarkson had got away leaving Peace on his own in third and Dalton and Worton chasing behind. Taylor and Clarkson stayed together for the next three laps till Taylor took a small gap over Clarkson which he managed to grow over each lap to win by 53 seconds. Behind them Dalton had left Worton behind and caught Peace who he also gapped to take third.

Chris Taylor kept hold of sixth spot even though he was joined by Evans and Thackray in the last two laps. Marie Jackson won the Ladies race with Juliet Horrocks in second.

Earlier Euan Cameron won the under 14 race, leading from the start he was never troubled, behind him there was a fight for the next three places with Feetham coming through on the last lap to take second. Lucy Horrocks was first girl and finishing an impressive fifth overall.


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Download full lap-by-lap spreadsheet – xls file – Harrogate Results
View Over-14 results on timing website – Mytriclub Timing


1 Euan Cameron East Bradford CC U14
2 Jacob Feetham Wakefield Tri U14
3 Thomas Nelson PedalSport U14
4 Jim Brown KCA U14
5 Lucy Horrocks Hope Factory Racing U14
6 Matt Taylor PedalSport U14
7 James Coates East Bradford CC U14
8 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawkes U12
9 Louis Cook Holme Valley Wheelers U12
10 Sophie Thackary Paul Milnes U14
11 Guss Gardner Unattached U14
12 Avi Bordely LBT U14
13 Jonny Gill Ilkley U12
14 Louis Mason Harrogate Nova U14
15 Max Rushby PedalSport U12
16 Marcus Hilley PedalSport U10
17 Tom Whitworth Huddersfield RC U12
18 Bjorn Koerdt Crosstrax U10
19 Aaran Brayshaw East Bradford CC U14
20 Luke Parker Unattached U14
21 Kate Stapleton Otley CC U12
22 Tom Sheard KCA U10
23 Adam Jackson Huddersfield RC U12
24 Adam Powell Otley CC U10
25 Francis Rhodes Bradford Bandits U10
26 Olivia Ingham PedalSport U12
27 Ben Jackson Huddersfield RC U12
28 Rory Simkins Unattached U10
29 Matthew Wariner PedalSport U8
30 Tom Coates East Bradford CC U10
31 Jake Powell Otley CC U10
32 Ella Hampson Huddersfield RC U10
33 Ben Lawson Unattached U10
34 Elicia Bordoley Unattached U10
35 Millie Woolveridge Unattached U12
36 Hannah Whitworth Huddersfield RC U10
37 Holly Pitchers Ilkley U10
38 Joseph Mordue Crosstrax U8
39 Devin Rhodes Bradford Bandits U8
40 Samual Wright PedalSport U10
41 Lilie Young Bronte Wheelers U10
42 Harry Metcalfe Unattached U8
43 Astrid Hilley PedalSport U8
44 Katie Shaw Huddersfield RC U8
45 William Morphet Unattached U8
46 Harry Fox East Bradford CC U8
47 Joseph Robinson Unattached U8
48 Madie Green Unattached U10
49 Rosie Robinson Unattached U10
50 Annabelle Woolveridge Unattached U8
51 Lucy Picthers Ilkley U8
52 Olivia Fox East Bradford CC U8
53 Gretel Wood Unattached U8


1 Ian Taylor Jedi Cyclesport V40
2 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing sen
3 James Dalton PedalSport sen
4 Andrew Peace Jedi Cyclesport V40
5 Matthew Worton Blackhawk Bikes U16
6 Chris Taylor PedalSport V40
7 Rob Thackray Paul Milnes sen
8 Edwyn Oliver-Evans Bone Shakers Jun
9 Stu Smith Bradford Olympic V40
10 Ben Hallworth Ilkley CC sen
11 Rick Crabtree PedalSport sen
12 Alfie Moses Paul Milnes U16
13 Stephen Bottomley Crosstrax V40
14 Duncan Warner Airedale Olympic sen
15 Graeme Bird Unattached V40
16 Greg Ketterington Harrogate Nova V50
17 David Morris Harrogate Nova sen
18 Jon Hobson Hope Factory Racing sen
19 Mark Horrocks Team Hope V40
20 Marcus Spencer Hargreaves Cycles V40
21 Alitair Dow Paul Milnes V50
22 Rob Powell RCC V40
23 Trevor Schofield Moonglu RT sen
24 Lee Brown Holme Valley Wheelers sen
25 David Kinloch Ilkley CC V40
26 Steve Smalls Bone Shakers V40
27 Barry Mordue Crosstrax V40
28 Michael Burdon Ilkley CC V40
29 Andy Whitworth Huddersfield RC V40
30 Bobbin Gardner Hope Factory Racing U16
31 Mark Rushby PedalSport sen
32 Nick Elder Dirtwheels V40
33 Rich Allen sen
34 Ben Woolveridge Peak Revolutions sen
35 Ian Cliffe Ilkley CC V40
36 Josh Bennett Seacroft Wheelers Y
37 Terry Ashmoor Unattached sen
38 Richard Atkinson Hambleton RC V50
39 James Atkinson All Terrain Cycles sen
40 John Wood Finsbury Park V40
41 Justin Morgan PedalSport V50
42 Matthew Downes Paul Milnes U23
43 Charles Warren Unattached V50
44 Stuart Pitches Ilkley CC V40
45 Paul Nutton Here Come The Belgians V40
46 Ally Wight Hardrock hoodlums sen
47 Steve Shepherd Unattached V50
48 Tim Small Airevalley RT Jun
49 Brian Perks PedalSport V60
50 Sam Streetham York Cycleworks sen
51 Richard Gate Alba Rosa CC V50
52 David Jennaway Unattached V40
53 Tom Seaman Wakefield Tri U16
54 Stephan Maczna J.D. Cycles V40
55 Clive Upton Hambleton RC sen
56 Ryan Manders York Cycleworks U23
57 Jay Hudson Unattached V40
58 Timothy Bull Ilkley CC V40
59 Andrew Tones Unattached V40
60 Gary Worton Stockton Wheelers V40
61 Andy Hallgate TNFC V40
62 Jamie Booth TNFC Jun
63 George Fox East Bradford CC U16
64 Pete Wilkin Firet tempo V50
65 Ifor Powell Severn RC V50
66 Al Powell O V40
67 Richard Pennock Harrogate Nova V50
68 Ben Dransfield Wakefield Tri U16
69 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes LV40
70 Phil Ingham PedalSport V40
71 Phil Wood Triangle V40
72 Reuben Barrett Clifton CC V40
73 Brandon Stock Clifton CC Jun
74 Jamie Morgan PedalSport Jun
75 John Graveling Unattached V50
76 Owen Henriksen Norton Wheelers V50
77 Mark Royle North Cheshire Clarion V40
78 Paul Gott Unattached sen
79 Joe Williams Holme Valley Wheelers U16
80 Nick Mason Harrogate Nova V50
81 John Redmond Paul Milnes V50
82 Gary Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheelers V40
83 Jonathan Breen Ilkley CC V40
84 Juliet Horrocks Hope Factory Racing LV40
85 Kevin Dowson Hetton Hawkes V50
86 Nathan Parker Unattached U16
87 Jon Robinson Unattached V40
88 Steve McAll Huddersfield Star Wheelers V40
89 Terry Lightfoot York Tri Club V45
90 Martin Bradford Unattached V40
91 Christian Haw Unattached V540
92 Liz. Taylor PedalSport LV40
93 Ben Wilson Crosstrax sen
94 Peter Bradford Paul Milnes V40
95 B Peace BRCC Lynn Motors V60
96 H. Nicholson Unattached V60
97 Tony Blythe Paul Milnes V50
98 Sarah Rowell Unattached LV50
99 Joe Parker EBCC U16
100 Luke Benn Paul Milnes U16
101 Andy Wright Unattached sen
102 Mark Warriner PedalSport sen
103 Andrew Hatfield Ilkey CC V40
104 Allan Greenwood Aire Valley RT V50
105 Adrian Parker Unattached V40
106 Martin Lister Kverton Park V50
107 Paul Gray Doncaster V40
108 Gill Crane Clifton CC LV45
109 Fred Rothwell Paul Milnes V60
110 John Parkinson Here Come The Belgians V40
111 Rachel Clothfoot York Tri Club LS
112 Chris Beetham Seacroft Wheelers V50
113 Claire Daniel Unattached LV50
61 Chris Clark York Cycleworks sen 7 DNF
266 Andy Fraser York Cycleworks V40 7 DNF
234 Lars Koerdt Crosstrax V40 6 DNF
139 David Shaw Huddersfield Star Wheelers sen 4 DNF
277 Tim Jones Unattached V40 4 DNF
52 Dick Ballentine Craven Energy V40 3DNF
31 Ben Appleby Alford Wheelers sen 3 DNF
278 Simon Broadhead TNFC V40 2 DNF

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