2023 Summer CX Regulations

Race Entries

All race entries will be completed the British Cycling online system. Unless stated, the closing day for on-line entries will be 9:00pm on the Sunday before the event. This is the absolute latest we can close entries and ensure the rider packs, gridding and other administration is completed in time for race day. No race entries will be accepted after this deadline and there will be no entry on the day.

British Cycling online system link: British Cycling Cyclo Cross Events

Riders who are not already members of British Cycling will be required to also purchase the £3 day-licence option before their race application is accepted. More details here – including how to set up a free British Cycling account, which you’ll need before buying an entry, if you are not a member.

Pricing & Prizes

Under-12: £4

Under-14/16: £8

Junior: £8

Adult: £12

End-of-season prizes will be awarded in each category. Prize winners will be notified by email and prizes paid by bank transfer.

Sign On and Race Insurance

All riders must sign on before practicing on the course. This is for race insurance purposes, racers are not deemed to be insured unless they have signed on and they are displaying their timing chip on their ankle and/or their race number on their left shoulder. Riders risk being disqualified from their race for failure to adhere to this rule.

No one else is permitted to ride on the course with the exception of coaches with the appropriate qualification: British Cycling Level 2 Cyclo-Cross Award. This qualification will be displayed on your race licence and coaches wishing to ride the course should present their licence to the sign on team who will provide them with a temporary race number to display on their bike.

No other non-participants other than race officials are permitted on the racing course and will be asked to leave by the race officials if not displaying the proper identifier.

Practice sessions

At Wednesday evening events, courses will be open for practice from 6.30pm – 6.50pm.

Gridding – Adult & Youth Races

In the adult and under-14/16 races, Riders will be gridded according to their placing in the YCCA Summer Series standings. For the first race of the season YCCA will determine the gridding positions based on previous YCCA Series results.

The main reason for gridding is to ensure a safe transition from the start of the race, faster riders are placed towards the front and slower riders towards the rear of the field.

Riders will be able to self-grid according to their arm number. Rider numbers 1-10 will be on the front row of the grid, 11-20 on the second row, 21-30on the third row etc.

Any rider who considers their gridding position to present a safety issue for the race start should present themselves to the race Commissaire and provide a valid reason. The Commissaire may decide to adjust their grid position accordingly, however the Commissaire’s decision is final and must be respected.

Gridding – Under-12 Races

The Under-12 races will be gridded randomly throughout the season, using the same system (your arm number is your grid position). Under-12 riders will be gridded in two groups: under-12 riders at the front of the grid, under-9 riders gridded behind them (both groups randomly assigned numbers).


Any rider deemed to have used foul and abusive language while attending or racing a YCCA event will risk being disqualified from their race and potentially from subsequent events. Please respect your fellow racers at all times.

Race Etiquette

When being lapped or overtaken by a faster rider from another category, where safe and practical the rider being overtaken must be prepared to surrender the racing line. It is the

responsibility of the passing rider to make the pass in a safe manner. Where possible, the passing rider or riders should verbally indicate when and how this pass will take place. “rider(s) on your right before the corner”

“on your left after the corner”

“on your left before the trees” etc.

YCCA Yorkshire Championship Qualification

The YCCA Summer Series will be decided on points scored in our championship events. A rider’s score will be be based on their best 5 rides from the eight events planned. The table below shows how many events count towards a rider’s score, should more or fewer rounds take place.

Ties will be decided in favour of the rider finishing in the higher position in the final round, or the final round in which one or more of the tied riders competed.

There will be championships awarded in all Youth Under-14 and Under-16 categories and all Junior, Senior and Veteran categories. Prize money will be allocated at the end of the season, when a prize list will be published. Riders will claim prizes by email. Details of this process will be announced at the end of the season.

Under 12 Racing

There is no league for the Under-12 and Under-9 categories. There will be a podium presentation on race day acknowledge sporting achievement and prizes will be awarded to all competitors.

First Aid

All events will have, as a minimum, a dedicated First Aid provision. This will be professional first aiders, with the number of First Aid Professionals in accordance with BC guidelines. These First Aid Professionals do not have any other role in the race organisation on the day.

British Cycling

The YCCA Yorkshire Championship will adhere to the rules and regulation of Cyclo Cross as set out in the current British Cycling Handbook, link below. Refer to section

CYCLO-CROSS TECHNICAL REGULATIONS CX1.0 thought to CX 10.0. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/media/press/BC_2022_HANDBOOK-Linked.pdf